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Doctoral Alumni and Dissertation Titles

(Major Professors in Parentheses)

UK students, staff and faculty may read the dissertations from 1996 to the present. 


2013 Eric Snyder (Thelin) Student Athlete Perceptions of Social Media Policies:  Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down
2013 Sandra Moore (Angelo & Bradley) Education, Race, Policy and Politics:  The Kentucky Plan for Equal Opportunity in Post-Secondary Education 1982-2009
2013 Charles McGrew (DeYoung) Education Policies and Migration Realities:  Utilizing a State Longitudinal Data System to Understand the Dynamics of Migration Choices for College Graduates from Appalachian Kentucky
2013 Allen Eskridge (Thelin)

An Historical Case Analysis of Evolving Funding and Endowments in a Public Research University

2013 Pauline Chhooi (Goldstein) Choosing the Next Home: International Pushes and Pulls for U.S. Graduate Degree Holders from Malaysia
2013 Tara Baas (DeYoung) An Exploration of the Public Research University in the Twenty-First Century:  A Case Study of Technology Based Economic Development Initiatives
2012 Richard Matika (Bradley & Royal) Student and Instructor Perceptions of Factors Important for Student Success in Online and In-Person Algebra Classes at Somerset Community College
2012 Iddah Aoko Otieno (Goldstein & Bieber) Internationalization of an African University in the Post-Colonial Era:  A Case Study of the University of Nairobi
2012 Wendy Bolt (Browne-Ferrigno) Kentucky Middle College High Schools:  Student Support Services
2012 Teresa Mayo (Browne-Ferrigno)

Kentucky Middle College High Schools: An Analysis of Academic Achievement and Educational Plans of Middle College High School Students in Kentucky

2012 Lisa Stephenson (Browne-Ferrigno)

Kentucky Middle College High Schools: Creating and Sustaining Institutional Partnerships

2012 Paul Blankenship (Browne-Ferrigno) Kentucky Middle College High Schools:  Student Academic Success
2012 Karen Hlinka (Goldstein) Community College Student Persistence:  Understanding Students' Decisions About College Transfer in Southeastern Kentucky
2012 Deronda Mobelini (Goldstein) Community College Student Transfer:  Understanding Community College Students' Decisions About Transfer in Southeastern Kentucky
2012 Kimberly Chaffer Schroeder (Bradley) An Exploration of the Use of Data, Analysis and Research Among College Admission Professionals in the Context of Data Driven Decision Making
2012 Steven Evans (Jensen) Pediatrics Education in an AHEC Setting:  Preparing Students to Provide Patient Centered Medicine
2012 Ilona Szekely (Jensen) Multiple Perspectives on the Recent Emergence of Teen-centric Art Museum Programs:  A Historical Reflection, Overview and Case Study
2011 Nicole Knutson (Bradley) Applying the Rasch Model to Measure and Compare First Generation and Continuing Generation College Students' Academic Self-Efficacy
2011 Nancy Preston (Jensen) Appalachian Bridges to the Baccalaureate:  The Influence of Multiple Roles and Cultural Norms on the Baccalaureate Persistence of Location Bound Appalachian Women
2011 Michelle Dykes (Jensen) Appalachian Bridges to the Baccalaureate:  Mattering Perceptions and Transfer Persistence of Low Income, First Generation Community College Students
2011 Amber Decker (Jensen) Appalachian Bridges to the Baccalaureate:  How Community Colleges Affect Transfer Success
2011 Christopher Phillips (Jensen)
Appalachian Bridges to the Baccalaureate:  Institutional Perceptions of Community College Transfer Success
2011 Ella Strong (Jensen & Worth)

Course Design Effects on Student Success: The Revolving Door of Online Education

2011 Richard Roe (Jensen & Worth) Technological Barriers to Success in Distance Education:  The Revolving Door of Online Education
2011 Michael Quillen (Jensen & Worth) The Effect of College Readiness on the Success of Students in a Non-Gateway Course, CIS 100:  The Revolving Door of Online Education
2011 Catherine Penfold Navarro (Jensen) Education is Like a Magic Carpet: Transfer Perceptions of Urban Latino Community College Students
2011 Jared Nathan Tippets (Thelin) Changing the Way We Do Things Around Here: Strategies Presidents Use for Creating Organizational Change in Higher Education
2011 Kathryn Shirley Akers (Bradley) Connections, paths, and explanations- A social network approach to investigating experiences of early childhood special education with the ECLS-K
2011 Travis McDearmon (Thelin) Assessing Dimensions of Alumni Role Identity and the Relationship to Institutional Support Behaviors
2011 Dana Keller Bush (Thelin) Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan: Home Economics and Efficient Living
2011 Michael Troy Shell (Bieber) A Semiotic Analysis of the Culture of Higher Education a Case Study: Myths and Metaphors of Desegregation at the University of Louisville
2010 Jim Paul Cousins (Thelin) Children of the Western World:  The Illusion of Religious Control and the Making of Higher Education In Kentucky, 1780-1818
2010 David Lee Sloan (Thelin) An Historical Analysis of Collegiate Mascots
2010 Erica Johnson (Jensen) Lifting As We Climb: Experiences of Black Administrators At Three Predominantly White Institutions in Kentucky
2010 David Long (Jensen) Evolution and the End of a World
2010 Jennifer Skaggs (Jensen) I’m just a boy with girl parts”: Understanding gender perception and negotiation in an undergraduate engineering program.


Christina J. Wright (DeYoung) Why Do They Go?  Community College Students and Post-secondary Pursuits in Central Appalachia
2009 Madison L. Gates (Bradley/Tice) The Influence of Epistemological Beliefs on the Acceptability of Stereotyping During Clinical Encounters:  An Examination of Medical Residents' and Faculty Physicians' Views on the Nature and Meaning of Culture
2008 Kenneth D. Royal
Using Item Response Theory and the Rasch Measurement Model to Investigate Faculty Perceptions of Instructional Goals
2008 June Overton Hyndman
(Browne-Ferrigno/ Angelo)
Women in Kentucky Principalships: Progress Made Proportionality in the Future
2008 Lisa Phelps Collins
Venturing Out: Students at Eastern Kentucky State Normal School, 1910-1924
2008 Janet L. Brewer
Keep the Light Burning: Leadership in Church-Related Institutions
2008 Alison Jackson Tabor
It's Not Just a Database: SEVIS, the Federal Monitoring of International Graduate Students Post 9/11
2008 Althea Webb
The Limits if Interracial Sisterhood:The Phyllis Wheatly Branch of the YWCA in Louisville, KY
2007 Shirley P. O'Brien
Tenure Track and the Knowledge Factory: A Case Study of Faculty Perceptions at a Comprehensive University
2007 Nancy Barnum
"Leaving Home" Patriarchy, Nursing Education and the Nurse Veterans use of the GI Bill
2007 Harold Gibbs Peach
Online Education's Effect on College Professors
2007 Stephen Nicholas Weissmueller
Relative Efficiency and Learner Performance of Backward-Faded Worked Examples Versus Margin Annotated Backward-Faded Worked Examples in Beginning Accounting Instruction
2007 Sarah Wilkins
Faculty Identity: An Exploratory Study Using Social Identity Theory
2007 Rita Prichett
The Battle Between Promise and Privilege: The History of Women's Basketball at the University of KY 1972-2002
2006 Cheryl Ann Eaton
The Motivations, Goals, Ability,Perceptions, and Attributions for Sucess of Non-Traditonal Women ReEntering a For-Profit Career College
2006 Nkechi Amadife
The Non-returning Nigerian Students: Socio-historical cultural perspective and adaptation
2006 Michael Schumann
A Historical Examination of the University of Kentucky College of Law and Its Affirmative Action Policies and Programs on Admissions Relating to Major Legal Decisions in Higher Education: From 1908 Through 2004
2006 Shannon Sampson
The Linguistic Factor in State Multiple Choice Items: The Role Language Plays for English Language Learners
2005 Dexter Alexander
"…A Proper Living Basis…" An Economic History of the University of Kentucky From the Passage of the First Morrill Act Through the End of the Era of University Building
2005 Neal Chris Dykes
The Lifeworld of Circuit Riders in the Third Tier of the Academy: Community College Itinerant Adjuncts Who Teach in Off-campus, High School Sites
2005 Michael Garn
Power, Politics, and the 1997 Restructuring of Higher Education Governance in Kentucky
2005 Corrie Rebecca Orthober
Big Dots, Small Schools: The Ways Two Elementary Schools Homogenize Pedagogy to Raise Their High Stakes Assessment Scores
2005 Bethany Miller
The Attrition Of Academically Successful Students In Kentucky Public Universities
2005 Adina O'Hara
From University Centers to Community Colleges:The Evolution of a distinctive System of Higher Education in Kentucky
2005 Rick C. Mason
Remediation Policy in the Kentucky Community and Technical College System: The Role Culture and Ideology Play in How Three Institutions Interpret System-Level Policy and Implement Remediation Policies and Practice
2005 Elizabeth L. Morley
Lives Under Construction: A Study of College Sophomores
2005 Nathan Myers
Higher Education's Perfect System? State Planning for Colleges and Universities in Kentucky, 1930-1965
2005 Cleophus Price
Agents of Change: An Examination of Graduates at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School and the Fight for Equality from 1940-1954
2005 Scott Daniel Ward
The Complexities of Research and Development in the Contemporary University: A Case Study of Washington University in St. Louis
2004 Charles C. Amuzie
Theological Education in Nigeria: A Study of Two Theological Institutions Preparing Candidates for the Ordained Ministry in the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)
2004 Patricia Bacon
White Town/Black Gown: The Role of Kentucky State College in the Desegregation of Frankfort, Kentucky 1940-1962
2004 Michael Covert
Charting an Alternative Pathway to the Presidency: Reflections of Senion Student Affiars Officers
2004 Tuesdi Leigh Helbig
Beating the Odds: A Survival Analysis of the Effects of Freshman Seminar Participation on University Student Persistence, Controlling for Academic Achievement, Financial Assistance and Social Integration Factors
2004 Robert Dale Hale
Fellowship, Study, and Practice: Adult Learners in Sunday School
2004 Eric Anthony Moyen
Carolina's Campus and Community: The Historical Development of Town and Gown Relations in Twentieth Century North Carolina
2004 Mark Troyer
The Challenges of Leadership: A Study of An Emerging Field
2004 William H. Whitaker, Jr.
An Examination of Factors Influencing Persisters and Non-Persisters Among African-American Undergraduates at a Private Historically Black College
2004 Benjamin James Worth
The Impact of General Education in Community Colleges
2003 Phyllis Aileen-Donohew
Carmelite Nuns Found A New Monestary: An Ethnography of an Emergent Gift Economy
2003 Robert Jason Edwards
On the Trail of the Orphan Brigade: Tracing the Influence of the Southern Agrarianism in Higher Educational Thought and Practice
2003 Elizabeth Goodman
Ethics Education in Chiropractic: A Study of Logan College of Chiropractic
2003 Ellen M. Henderson
The Evolution of Student Services: An Historical Case Study of a Midwestern, Public, Baccalaureate-Granting University
2003 Dennis Norman Jacobs
The Work Ethic Comes to College: Working Students from Lower Socio-Economic Circumstances and the Undergraduate Contract
2003 Linda Ruth Kiesel
Kentucky’s Land-Grant Legacy: An Analysis of the Administrations of John Bryan Bowman and James Kennedy Patterson, 1865-1890
2003 Eric Orlando Rogers
The Role of the Black College in the Twenty-First Century: The Impact of Desegregation on One HBCU, Jackson State University
2003 Carl Rollins, II
High School Guidance Counselor Ratings of Success for Post Secondary Options: A Study of Socioeconomic, Racial and Gender Bias
2003 Barbara Walters
“The Mozart Effect”: a listening experience with developmental mathematics students at a community college
2002 Patricia Akojie
The First Year After High School for Vocational School Students: A Phenomenological Study
2002 Leslie C. Beckham
Making Good Sons, Useful Citizens, and Christian Scholars: Southern Baptist Higher Education in The Nineteenth Century
2002 Douglas Darbro
Odds of Success for Students Placed Into Their Initial Math Course According to the Results From a Locally Developed Placement Test With Those Who Were Permitted Self-Placement Opportunities
2002  Timothy Thomas Dick
Informed Consent, Scientific Misconduct and the Role of the University Policy: A Case Study of the University of California Irvine-Center for Reproductive Health 
2002 Jose Moreno
Higher Education in Venezuela: The Trends in Enrollment, Retention, and Graduation Rates
2002 Liz Thurston
Endangered Daughter: A Life and Death Struggle of a Southern Women’s College: A Case Study of Peace College, 1950-1962
2002 Sandra Kay Yates
Perceptions of Nontraditional Students About Student Support Services in Public Higher Education Institutions in Kentucky 
2001  Cornelia Jarmon Glenn 
Survey of Perceptions in the Thirteen Community Colleges in the Former University of Kentucky Community College System: Practices in Evaluating Faculty Performance 
2001  James H. Glenn 
Community College Expenditures: A Case Study of Kentucky 1993-1996 
2001  Vernell Denae Larkin-Bussell 
Dreams Fulfilled and Dreams Denied: The Ironies and Paradoxes of Being Student Under the Anderson Mayer State Aid Act 1936-1950 
2001  James Robert McClanahan 
Taking-Off-- A Historical Study of Campus Aspirations and Innovations: Eastern Kentucky University and the Field of Law Enforcement 
2001  Tena Burdge Payne 
Barriers to Educational Mobility for Registered Nurses in Kentucky: A Study of Nursing Education Ideologies in Associate and Baccalaureate Degree Nursing Faculty 
2001  Valerie Roddy Summers 
A New Rural Life: Kentucky Education Reform and the Country Life Movement, 1905-1920 
2001  Amy E. Wells 
From Ideas to Institutions: Southern Scholars and Emerging Universities in the South, Circa 1920-1950 
2001  Kiluba-Lukuba-Mvwan Nkulu
Julius Kambarage Nyerere's Vision of Higher Education to Tanzania 
2000  Sharon Barrow Childs 
The Investigation of the First African-American Undergraduates at the University of Kentucky 
2000  Sandra L. Cook 
An Evaluation of the University of Kentucky Community College Leadership Academy: The First Five Years 
2000  Joan May Dupont 
Factors Contributing to Faculty Perceptions of Participation and Influence in Decision Making in a Community College System 
2000  Ernest Lee Edgington 
Lawrence Kohlberg and the Dialectic of Moral Education 
2000  Susan K. Edington 
Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth: Social Appeasement in the Lives of Client-Students in Kentucky Community Colleges 
2000  Robin Tannenbaum Geiger 
Determining the Influence of the Contributing Factors on the Growth of Administrative Expenditures at Public Land Grant Research Universities with Medical Schools 
2000  Michael J. McCorkle 
Efficiency, Influence and Leadership: The Transformation of State Unviersity, 1903-1940 
2000  Erla Gladden Mowbray 
Cultural Knowing: An Interpretive Case Study of a New College President Coming to Know Faculty Culture 
2000  Marsha Craft Segebarth 
Predictors of Medical Students' Preference for Primary Care: Sex, Gender Roles, and Ways of Knowing 
1999  Margery Coulson-Clark 
From Process to Outcome: Performance Funding Policy in Kentucky Public Higher Education, 1994-1997 
1999  Ann Huffman Crowe 
Connecting Parents and Schools: An Ecological Construction of Parent Involvement in their Children's Education 
1999  Moffat M. Dyasi 
Beyond Apartheid: Public Higher Education Policy Reform in South Africa (1978-1998) 
1999  Susan Fister 
Men Students' Experiences in Nursing Education 
1999  Pamela J. Gray 
New Faculty Socialization: Perspectives on Academic Freedom 
1999  Olivia Ballou Major 
Voices From the Past: The Educational Aspirations and Role Identities of White Kentucky Farm Women, 1920-1940 
1999  Kolan Morelock 
Literary Societies, Dramatic Clubs, and Community Culture: A Study of Lexington Intellectual Life During the Gilded Age and Progressive Era 
1999  Thomas Michael Orf 
The Status of the Discipline of Geography in Community Colleges: The National Setting and the Kentucky Example 
1999  Rebecca J. Oswald 
Potential Use of Preservice Teacher Portfolio in the Hiring Process by Site-Based Decision Making Councils 
1999  William Steiden 
A Comparison of Economic Attainment: Income Achievement of College Students from Generic Economic Models Compared to Achievement of a Sample of Jefferson Community College Students 
1999  Nelda Kay Wyatt 
Into the Promised Land; the Transformation of Eastern and Western Kentucky Normal Schools into Teacher Colleges 1906-1922 
1998  Idus Wilmer Adams 
Central Kentucky Colleges in the Age of the University, 1865-1917 
1998  Diana Lynn Haleman 
"That's not who I am": Contested Definisions of Single Motherhood 
1998  Mitzi Lowe 
The Phenomenology of Student Engagement during High School Restructuring 
1998  Karen Stefaniak 
Nurses Collaborating with Other Nurses: When All Else Fails 
1997  Sheila Jackson-Fobbs 
Significant Steps for Instituting Mergers in Higher Education 
1997  Lori Frances Kincaid 
The Influence of the Educational Trust on a State's Educational Reform Movement: The Connection Between Teachers College, Columbia University and Education in Kentucky 
1997  JoAnn A. Smith 
Faculty Scholars: Four Who Bridge University Academics and Administration 
1997  Michael Stocker 
A Workforce Training Model for the Community College 
1996  Lana Carnes 
Careers in Higher Education Fund Raising: Perceptions and Experiences of Middle- and Senior-Ranked Female Development Officers 
1996  Deborah Cox 
(Baird; Scollay) 
The Role and Worklife of Women in Higher Education: Examples from a Community College System 
1996  Kevin Jones 
(Bieber; Angelo) 
Undergraduate Retention in the Commonwealth of Kentucky: An Examination of Academic, Social, Financial, and Psychological Elements 
1996  Michael A. Longinow 
Mysterious and Spontaneous Power: Shaping of an Evangelical Social Culture for Revivalist Higher Education in Henry Clay Morrison's Pentecostal Herald, 1910-1942 
1996  Marilyn Miller 
Creating Cross-Cultural Roommate Relationships Between American and Foreign Undergraduates 
1996  Sara Jane Montgomery 
Rackyte Cox, Cowax Cowax: The Student Culture of Centre College, 1865-1915 
1996  David Musick 
Ethics Education at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine 
1996  Bee Lan Ong 
Reconstructing Knowledge and the Power of Self-Consciousness: Perspectives of Women Graduate Students from the Third World 
1996  Gregory Waltermire 
Academic Freedom in the Southern Baptist Seminaries: A Study in Epistemology and Response to Modernism 
1995  Sarah Carrigan 
Differences Between Women’s College Students and Coed College Women At Less Selective Campuses in Rural Settings 
1995  Barbara Hulsmeyer 
Nurses in Transition: First Year Challenges 
1995  Steve Parker 
The Effect of Athletic Probation on Donor Contributions to the University's Development Office 
1995  Karen Skaff 
A Case Study Exploring the Ways in which Health Professions Students Describe Ethical Dilemmas 
1995  Roger Michael Weis 
The Pedagogical Implications of Curriculum-Based Service Learning for Student Development in Higher Education 
1995  Pamela Wells 
Conceptual Understanding of Major Topics in First Semester Calculus: A Study of Three Types of Calculus Courses at the University of Kentucky 
1994  Terry Birdwhistell 
An Educated Difference: Women at the University of Kentucky Through the Second World War 
1994  Harold G. Jeffcoat 
University Presidents, as Autobiographers 
1994  Steven D. Milburn 
An Analysis of the Influences of Gender, Race and Age on Student Preferences for the Delivery of Academic Advising Services 
1994  Terisa Laine Scales 
All That Fits A Woman: The Education of Southern Baptist Women for Missions and Social Work at the Woman's Missionary Union Training School, 1907-1926 
1993  Ronald Lee Burdon 
The Influence of Elder Care on Higher Education Employees: An Evaluation Study of the University of Kentucky Elder Care Consultation and Referral Service Employee Benefit 
1993  Janet Hurley 
Women's Experience as Professional Administrators at the University of Kentucky 
1993  Jacqueline Sanders 
Factors which Enhance and Constrain Implementation of Total Quality Management in Two-Year Colleges 
1993  David Searles 
Alice Lloyd and the Betterment Movement in Appalachia 
1993  Karen Tice 
Tales of Wayward Girls and Immoral Women: Social Case Records and the Construction of Professional Knowledge 
1993  Gary John Vitali 
Factors Influencing Teachers' Assessment and Instructional Practices in an Assessment Driven Educational Reform 
1992  John R. Groves, Jr. 
An Examination of Major Initiatives in Campus Planning at the University of Kentucky: 1919-1991 
1992  Helen Frishe Hodges 
Competing Discourses of Nursing Education: An Explication Based on Seung and Liszka 
1992  Drema Howard 
(Baird; Goldstein) 
Perceptions of Higher Education in a Banking World 
1992  Victoria R. Johnson 
Utilizing Prolific Writers and Their Interconnections when Expanding on the Histories of a Discipline: American Geography as a Case Study 
1992  Linda Nell Mayhew 
Analysis of the Ohio State Early Mathematics Placement Test as a Predictive Device for Kentucky Colleges 
1992  Aghajan Mohammadi 
Assessing Faculty and Administrators' Perceptions of Community College Missions and Processes/An Organizational Effectiveness Perspective 
1992  James Ploskonka 
An Exploratory Model of Doctoral Completion: A Description of Characteristics and Their Relationship to Time to Degree 
1991  David Patrick Ecker 
A History of Jefferson Community College, 1960-1977: The Promise and the Complications of "La Porta" 
1991  Deborah A. Hall 
"Coming of Age" in the Progressive Era: The Role of Southern Women's Higher Education Between 1900 and 1917 
1991  Donald Mason 
A Study of Motivation Factors Which Result in the Selection of Ministry as a Vocation for First Year Seminarians as Related to Persistence in the Ministry 
1991  Victor M. Valdez 
Can Adequate Medical Services Be Delivered to Army Personnel and Dependents Despite a Shortage of Physicians? A Policy Analysis 
1990  Elinor Joy Goode Allameh 
An Investigation of Trends and Emerging Issues in Foreign Student Enrollment in United States Higher Education with Major Emphasis on Language Concerns and a Case Study Comparing the Performance of Native Students with Non-Native Students on the Test of English as a Foreign Language 
1990  Karen Waite Carey 
Changes in Mathematical Ability of Berea College Graduates: A Twenty-Four Year Longitudinal Study 
1990  Patsy T. Daugherty 
An Exploratory Study of the Relationships Between Expenditures and Institutional Effectiveness For Colleges and Universities 
1990  Denise Dickerson-Gifford 
A Comparison of Values of Two Subcultures Within Higher Education: Academic Administrators and Student Affairs Administrators 
1990  Mohammad Edjlali 
(Collins; Smith) 
The Effects of Competency Based Mastery Learning on Aptitude, Motivation, Self-Esteem, and Math Anxiety 
1990  Carol Lynn Elam 
Applicability of the Holland Theory of Vocational Personalities To Medical School Graduates' Specialty Choices 
1990  Rhonda England 
Voices From the History of Teaching: Katherine Pettit, Mary Stone, and Elizabeth Watts at Hindman Settlement School, 1899-1957 
1990  Roger C. Noe 
An Analysis of Benchmark Selections Among Public Doctoral Granting Institutions 
1990  Jeanne S. Osborne 
A Strategy Toward Accountability: Identifying Faculty Salary Policies at Kentucky Public Regional Universities 
1990  Keith Stephens 
An Analysis of the Variables Affecting Community College Faculty Satisfaction and Morale 
1990  Marda Lea Stribling 
The Influence of Mathematics Background and Continuity of Coursework on Success in College Calculus 
1990  David Wright 
(Angelo; Goldstein) 
"Serve the Church, Reach the World:" Tradition and Innovation in the Preparation of Parish Ministers at Asbury Theological Seminary 
1990  Daisy Lee Yang 
The Dynamics of a Foreign Alumni Association: The Case of the Korean Association of the East-West Center Alumni 
1990  Pamela A. Collins 
Campus Security: An Historical Analysis of the Campus Infrastructure with Emphasis on Service/Enforcement Orientation and its Relationship to Policies and Procedures 
1989  Ryan K. Brown 
Perceptions of Quality in Industrial Technology Programs 
1989  Daniel J. Connell 
A Comparison of Job Satisfaction Among Clerical Employees at Four Different Types of Higher Education Institutions 
1989  Wayne Goodwin 
Theological Education and the Reorganization of Consciousness 
1989 James Leslie Grigsby
Leadership Characteristics of the Department Chair as Perceived by Faculty in Selected University Departments
1989  Margot D. McCullers 
An Institutional Analysis of Biomedical Predoctoral Fellowship Applicants 
1989 Michael Nowicki
Graduate Programs in Health Administration Faculty Reputation and Faculty Research Reputation by Program Location and Program Reputation
1989  Jane Anne Redmon 
Personality Traits of Family Practice Teachers and Private Practitioners: Effects of Role Modeling on Specialty Choice Selection 
1989  Elizabeth L. Rompf 
(DeYoung; Goldstein) 
The Local Dynamics of Educational Planning: Acting on Toyota’s Arrival in Rural Kentucky 
1988  Sherry Cox 
Values Change as an Index of Development in the Berea College Class of 1966: A Longitudinal Study of Values Preferences Using the Study of Value 
1988  Florence Estes 
Cora Wilson Stewart and the Moonlight Schools of Kentucky, 1911-1920: A Case Study in the Rhetorical Uses of Literacy 
1988  Carolyn S. Jenkins 
Overeducation: Job Satisfaction, Job Security, and Attitudes Toward Education 
1988  Michael Nowicki 
Graduate Programs in Health Administration Faculty Reputational and Faculty Research Reputation by Program Location and Program Reputation 
1988  Dan Smith 
Appalachia's Last One-Room School 
1988  Patricia Terrell 
Utilization and Effectiveness of the Cooperative Institutional Research Program Freshman Survey and Its Impact on Participating Institutions 
1987  Christine D. Baum 
The Impact of Feminist Thought on American Librarianship 1965-1985 
1987  Jan P. Bellack 
A Philosophical Analysis of the Relationship Between Nursing Science and Nursing Practice: A Non-Foundational Alternative 
1987  Angela B. Hurley 
Children as Reader-Critics: Literary Heroes and Moral Education 
1987  Carolyn H. O'Daniel 
A Study of Respiratory Therapy Educational Programs and Graduate Performance on the National Board for Respiratory Care 1984 Entry-level Examinations 
1987  Betty H. Olinger 
(Fleming; Elton) 
The Inclusion of Cultural Diversity Content in the Curricula of Generic Undergraduate Nursing Programs 
1987  Margaret E. Saunier 
Salary Levels and Library Resources as Predictors of Change in Reputational Ratings 
1987  Carolyn Clay Turner 
Patterns of Educational Initiative, Reorganization and Decline in Eastern Kentucky, 1889-1940: Pikeville Collegiate Institute, Sandy Valley Seminary, and Caney Community Center 
1987  Diane L. Vachon 
Working and Retired College Professors Age 65 to 70: A Comparison of Professional Characteristics After Age 50 of Faculty Employed in Four Types of Institutions 
1987  Doris Weathers 
University of Kentucky's Office of Minority Affairs Policies & Programs for Recruiting & Retaining Minority Students 1971-1985 
1987  Lawrence V. Weill 
Gaston Bachelard and the Undergraduate Curriculum: A Defense of the Arts and the Humanities Based on the Primacy of Images 
1986  William Beard 
A Study of Attitudes of Graduates of Baccalaureate Degree Programs in Engineering & Engineering Technology 
1986  Robert Lewis Dean 
Preparing for Educational Technologies: An Empirical Evaluation of the Cognitive, Pedagogical, and Financial Implications of Electronic Text Processing in a University Freshman English Composition Program 
1986  Gary Martin Green 
The Quality of Student Interaction with Faculty: A Community College Perspective 
1986  David K. Kennedy 
Young Children's Thinking: An Interpretation from Phenomonology 
1986  Charles E. Shirley 
A Longitudinal Validation of Tinto's Model of Attrition Using a Multi-Institutional Sample 
1986  Karen Ann Williams 
A Study of Faculty Members? Attitudes Toward Women Faculty Members 
1985  Paulette F. Adams 
Holland's Theory of Careers Applied to Nursing Faculty Teaching in Community Colleges and Universities in Kentucky 
1985  Donna Lee Hill 
Tinto Tested in the Community College: A Revised Model 
1985  Frances Morris 
Academic Planning in Health Sciences Education: Development of a Manpower Demand Model 
1984  David William Forman 
The Kentucky Grant Study: The Effects of State Grants on Access and Choice in Higher Education 
1984  Josephine G. Lane 
Mapping the Cognitive Structure of Mathematics Education Using Co-Citation Analysis 
1984  Jacquelyn Milman 
Case Study of a Bilingual School in Mexico 
1984  Elizabeth P. Pressler 
The Meaning of ‘Competence? in the Education of the Helping Professions 
1984  Marguerite Rivage-Seul 
Moral Imagination and Peace Education: Paulo Friere’s Third World Perspective
Dr. Rivage-Seul's dissertation won the 1986 Outstanding Dissertation of the Year Award of the American Educational Research Association
1984  Mittie D. Southerland 
The Active Valuing of Education by Police Organizations 
1983  Earlo Anderson 
Dissatisfaction of Black Students at Black and White Institutions 
1983  Carol Gallagher 
Scottish Contributions to American Higher Education: The St. Andrews Society of New York, 1756-1806 
1983  Joanne B. Ries 
Sources of Faculty Power and Decision Outcomes 
1983  Sandra L. Sayers 
The Use of Co-Citation Analysis to Identify the Cognitive Structure of Clinical Nutrition 
1983  Joann Thompson 
(Elton; Gardner) 
On the Idea of the University: An Analysis of Selected Themes Found in the Literature on Higher Education, 1962-1972, with Special Reference to the Relationship of the Modern Themes to Those Found in Nineteenth Century English Thought 
1982  Jack C. Blanton 
An Empirical Account of the Decision-Making Role of Governing Boards at Two Large Public Universities 
1982  Lauretta F. Byars 
(DeYoung; Denton) 
A Descriptive Study of the Educational Talent Search Programs at the University of Kentucky 
1982  Kathleen Harris 
Factors Affecting Selected Faculty Member's Decisions to Seek Funds From External Sources 
1982  Julia Damron Porter 
Factors Associated with Change in Educational Aspirations in University of Kentucky Community Colleges 
1982  Saeed Salehi 
(Collins; DeYoung) 
A Longitudinal Study of Differential Achievement in Mathematics and Its Significance for Accessibility to Higher Education 
1982  William R. Threlkeld 
Subject Participation in Educational Research 
1982  Elizabeth E. Weiner 
Publication and Citation Analysis of Selected Nursing Faculty in American Higher Education 
1981  Richard K. Beam 
A Comparative Study of Three Categories of American Protestant Seminaries 
1981  Thomas Graham Braun 
An Analysis of Geographic-Demographic Factors Associated with College Attendance 
1981  David A. Brewster 
A Study of Systematic Bias in Student Ratings of Their College Faculty 
1981  Randall W. Dahl 
Early Predictors of Alumni Giving: An Empirical Study of Selected Pre-Enrollment Characteristics and Collegiate Career Experiences in the Giving Behavior of Alumni of a Public University 
1981  Victor P. Gaines 
(Burnett; Martin) 
The Resegregation of the Historically Black Four-Year Colleges and Universities in the Adams States 
1981  Jules Heisler 
(Hesseldnez; Elton) 
A Model Provided to Explain the Factors Associated with the Demise of Independent Liberal Arts II Colleges Since 1970 
1981  James B. Hudson III 
The History of Louisville Municipal College: Events Leading to the Desegregation of the University of Louisville 
1981  Mark W. Lusk 
Higher Education in a Developing Nation: The Case of Social Work Education in Peru 
1981  Doris Lynn Moore 
(Angelo; Warren) 
Benjamin Orr Peers and the Beginnings of the Public School Movement in Kentucky, 1826-1842 
1981  Edwin Ockerman 
Faculty Evaluation in Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Law and Engineering 
1981  John H. Scahill 
The Cultural Reproduction Theories of Basil Bernstein and Pierre Bourdieu 
1981  Eric D. Watters 
Citation Counts as a Measure of Institutional Quality for Independent Liberal Arts Colleges 
1981  Charles D. Whitlock 
An Analysis of Opinion About Public Higher Education in the Commonwealth of Kentucky 
1980  Bonnie Craft Plummer 
A Test of Holland's Theory Applied to University Administrative Positions 
1980  Randel Odell Martin 
(Elton; Martin) 
The Relationship between Criteria of the Quality of Library Resources and Selected Indicators of Institutional Quality 
1980  Katherine O. Quick 
(Sagan; Hesseldenz) 
The Nature of Scholarly Contribution in Higher Education as Determined by Citation Analysis 
1980  Mary Ellen Tolar 
Vocational Indecision Among College Freshman 
1980  Neil Cook Ward 
An Analysis of Issues, Findings, and Impact: Mandated Studies of Public Higher Education in Kentucky Since 1932