Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education

EDSRC Doctoral Students Receive Scholarships from the Arvie and Ellen Turner Thacker Research Fund

Veronica Umeasiegbu (left, RC) and Ruby Owiny (EDS)

Veronica I. Umeasiegbu - Rehabilitation Counseling

My doctoral dissertation is entitled: “Exploring the use of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) as a Community Reintegration Model after Spinal Cord Injury”.  Community participation is central to overall well-being and quality of life. For individuals with spinal cord injury, community reintegration is fundamental to regaining their lives after the injury. I am examining the relationships between the ICF components (functioning and disability, environmental factors and personal factors) on community reintegration outcomes (employment, formal education enrollment, recreation and leisure and family/social relationships) among individuals with spinal cord injury.

Ruby Owiny - Special Education

My dissertation uses a multiple probe across participants research design to examine the effects of virtual coaching on the implementation of three targeted teacher behaviors for four teachers in Guatemala City, Guatemala. The targeted teacher behaviors include providing opportunities to respond, circulating around the room, and providing effective praise. The use of these behaviors can improve educational outcomes for all students, including those with disabilities. Participants teach students from preschool through upper elementary grades in special education classrooms and general education classrooms. Teachers will participate in weekly coaching sessions with Ruby throughout the intervention phase of the study to answer questions and assist in implementation of the targeted behavior.

The Arvle and Ellen Turner Thacker Research Fund

The Arvle and Ellen Thacker Turner Research Fund was established to provide mini-grants in support of the research efforts of doctoral graduate students and/or assistant professors in the College of Education. Grants are not to exceed $1,000 for doctoral students or $1,500 for assistant professors. The recipient(s) of the fund are selected by the Dean of the College of Education. The process for application and decision to award stipends lies within the sole discretion of the Dean of the College of Education. Established in September, 2002 by Helen Thacker Hill.