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Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education

Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education 

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Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (IECE) Program at the University of Kentucky! The IECE program prepares students for a variety of careers working with families and their young children, birth through five including those with disabilities. Graduates of our program are employed in public preschool, early intervention (First Steps), kindergarten classrooms, childcare, research, state government and other career settings. Our program prepares its graduates to consume, critique, and apply research as a foundation to become leaders in their chosen professions.

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Certification and Degree Options in IECE

Undergraduate Initial Certification (IECE Level III) concurrent with its BS degree

Graduate Level Non-degree Initial Certification (IECE Level III)

Advanced Certification Programs (IECE Levels I and II)

Master's of Education Program

Supporting Documents

Below is a link to a list of items available for download. Documents include: The IECE Conceptual Framework, Program Review Document, Curriculum Contracts, Diversity Components, Continuous Assessment, and Portfolio Requirements.

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The IECE Program is approved by the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB) and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

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Program Process

The Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education Program offers a breadth of course choices and a wealth of field experiences. The combination of these classroom and experiential activities result in graduates who are prepared for a variety of Interdisciplinary Early Childhood careers upon graduation. Student community activities include the Kentucky Association for the Education of Young Children.

Program students and faculty communicate by frequent classroom contact, advising sessions and the LISTSERV for IECE Majors and by their course LISTSERVs.

The Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Program faculty continuously monitor how our program is relevant to the professional challenges so we can adjust our teaching and learning experiences to provide a dynamic preparation for our pre-professional students.

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Graduation for our students is extremely important for our program faculty. The UK IECE program has excellent success in preparing its students for the PRAXIS II testing, a standardized test that is recognized by the ESPB for teacher certification. Typically our students do very well on this measure of readiness to teach in IECE  programs.

The Academic Services and Teacher Certification Office announces test dates and information on graduation deadlines.

Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Educators are in great demand across the country; employment opportunities abound! 

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