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EDP Department Faculty Emeriti

Lynda Brown Wright, Professor, earned her Ph. D. in Counseling Psychology from Texas A & M University in 1991. Her current areas of research interests include multicultural counseling and psychotherapy training models and their effect on the development of cultural sensitivity; psychosocial and familial influences on African American child development; determinants of academic achievement among minority children and youth; and psychosocial correlates of the development of cardiovascular disease risk in children and youth. Dr. Brown Wright currently teaches courses in assessment and multicultural development. She is a NIH Career Development Award recipient. Dr. Brown-Wright was awarded the 2009 American Psychological Association Minority Fellowship Program's Dalmas Taylor Award for her outstanding contributions towards the development of ethnic minority psychologists. Dr. Brown Wright is the Assistant Provost for Faculty Affairs. Full graduate faculty.

C. Dwight Auvenshine, PhD, Missouri, Associate Professor

James R. Barclay, PhD, Michigan, Professor

Lisa K. Barclay, PhD, Stanford, Professor

Henry P. Cole received his Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction and in Educational Psychology from SUNY-Buffalo in 1968. His research interests include theories of learning, psychoeducational design, adult learning and instruction and occupational safety and health. He taught courses in theories of learning and instruction, human cognitive learning, human development and learning, and occupational injury prevention. His theoretical orientation is cognitive-behavioral. He held a joint appointment as Professor in the Department of Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health, College of Medicine. In the last 12 years Dr. Cole has served as a principal investigator on approximately $2.5 million worth of extramural grants and contracts concerning prevention of workplace illness and injury through behavioral science and educational interventions. His research changed occupational safety training laws and practices in the U.S. mining industry and reduced tractor-overturn injury risks to farmers in Kentucky and other states. Dr. Cole was appointed as an occupational injury expert by the United Nations, International Labor Organization in 1993. In June 2001 his three-year community trials farm tractor safety intervention research was one of 19 studies in the nation selected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for presentation at the National Occupational Research Agenda Symposium 2001: Leading Research on Occupational Safety and Health held in Washington, DC. Dr. Cole's paper was the only agricultural safety study selected for presentation at the conference from among the more than 150 researchers at ten regional CDC Centers for Agricultural Safety and Health in the U.S. Email: hcole@uky.edu

Charlotte R. Clark, PhD, Minnesota, Associate Professor

Gordon P. Liddle, PhD, Chicago, Professor

Emanuel J. Mason joined the faculty of the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology in 1972.  He received his Ed.D. in Educational and School Psychology from Temple University in January 1972.  He was a principle contributor, with Prof. James R. Barclay and others, in the development of the masters, specialist and PhD programs in school psychology at the University of Kentucky, and to the development of school psychology as a specialty of psychology serving the schools in Kentucky.  He was a founder with others of the Kentucky Association for Psychology in the Schools (KAPS). His research interests included the development of thinking, research methodology, measurement, and cognitive processing.  Dr. Mason was a recipient of the Lightner Witmer award from Division 16 (School Psychology), is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association (Div. 15 and 16), and a Charter Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science. He served as chair of the department from 1989-1993.  Dr. Mason retired from the University as professor emeritus in 1996 and accepted a faculty position at Northeastern University in Boston where he teaches courses in research methodology and cognition, and is part of the school psychology program faculty and is presently engaged in research on the calibration of children’s play for informing interventions with young children.

Thomas W. Miller, PhD,  ABPP is Professor Emeritus, Senior Research Scientist, Master Teacher and University Teaching Fellow during thirty six year tenure at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, University of Connecticut, School of Allied Health and Murray State University. He served for 24 years in the VA Healthcare System and as Chief Psychology Service developed the first APA approved Psychology Internship in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. He received his doctorate from the State University of New York, is a Diplomate of the American Board of Professional Psychology in Clinical Psychology, Fellow of the American Psychological Association, the Association of Psychological Science and the Royal Society of Medicine. Dr. Miller has consulted with the National Mental Health Research Centers in Moscow, Novosirbirsk, Tomsk, Yeravan and Khabarovsk Russia and to Institute of Psychiatry, University of London, England. He has also consulted with the Royal Ministry of Defense, Haslar Naval Base,Southhampton,   England. He has served on several task forces including those dealing with the American Psychological Association, telehealth task force and technology workgroup. He has supervised the psychology component of the Domestic Violence Clinic at the University of Kentucky. He has also been a consultant to four national standards of care work groups developing algorithms and pathways of care. He has served as a trainer and consultant to the task force for interdisciplinary clinical treatment of abusive families. The American Psychological Association recognized him with Special Achievement Awards for his contributions to Health Promotion, Telehealth, Prevention Education and Clinical Services. Dr. Miller has written 10 books, more than 250 publications and several chapters.   He is a Distinguished Alumnus from the State University of New York and the recipient of the APA Distinguished Professional Contributions to Practice Award.

Timothy A. Smith received his PhD from North Carolina in 1963. His areas of research interests include computer-assisted instruction, statistical methods, psychological measurement, and psychology applied to education. Dr. Smith has also actively studied dental fear. Dr. Smith holds a joint appoint in the College of medicine. Email: tasmit01@uky.edu


Judith Worell, Professor, received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Ohio State University in 1954. A licensed psychologist, Dr. Worell's areas of research interests include gender development, patterns of friendship in same and cross-sex relationships, partner abuse in close relationships, feminist identity, and outcomes of feminist therapy. She teaches courses in gender development, cognitive- behavioral counseling, professional issues, parent/ child counseling, counseling women, development of social behavior, and counseling practicum. Dr. Worell has recently co-edited Shaping the Future of Feministy Psychology: Education, Research and Practice. Her theoretical orientation is cognitive-social learning within a feminist framework. Professor Worell continues to live in Lexington. Email: jworell@alltel.net