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EDP Students Dissertations

You may download the actual abstracts (and often full-text PDFs) from Dissertation Abstracts Online.

Student (Major Professor)
Dissertation  Title

Rachel Aiello
(L. Ruble & T. Prout)

Evaluating the Validity of Intellectual Assessment: Associations between Intelligence Test Scores and Test Session Behavior in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Carrie Bowling
(J. Reese)

Academic Predictors and Characteristics of Self-Reported Juvenile Firesetting

Brooke Browning
(T. Prout)

Diagnostic Overshadowing: School Psychologists' Attitudes Toward Adolescents with Intellectual Disabilities and Down Syndrome

Alexandra Henchy
(K. Tyler)

Review and Evaluation of Reliability Generalization Research
2013 Alexander Nounopoulos
(T. Prout)

Multidimensional Perfectionism and Social Connectivity Among Youth: Findings and Implications


Laura E. Pierce
(T. Prout)

Convergent Validity of the Functional Assessment Informant Record for Teachers (FAIR-T)
2013 Raven Piercey
(E. Usher & K. Tyler)
Reading Self-Efficacy in Early Adolescence: Which Measure Works Best?
2013 Norah Slone
(R. Remer)
Evaluating the Efficacy of Client Feedback in Group Psychotherapy
2013 Megan Kleine-Kracht Thomas
(T. Prout)
Predicting Students' Confidence: How Teacher Feedback and Other Sources Influence Self-Efficacy in Mathematics Classrooms
2013 Ronnetta Williams
(R. Remer & M. Bishop)
Exploring Biopsychosocial (BPS) Facets of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in Patients in an Acute Inpatient Physical Rehabilitation Facility (IRF)
2012 Carrie Brown
(K. Love)
Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Comprehensive Training Regarding Same-Sex Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)
2012 Nicholas Fowler Denton
(S. Rostosky)
Minority Stress and Physical Health in Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexuals: The Mediating Role of Coping Self-Efficacy
2012 Lynda Fereday
(R. Remer)
Counselor Self-Care Instrument Development: An Exploration of Cognitive-Emotional, Relational, Physical, and Spiritual Self-Care
2012 Leslie L. Gerrard
(K. Love)
Women and Their Wood: Reflections on Adolescence and Wilderness Therapy Experiences
2012 George McCormick
(F. Danner & E. Anderman)
The Relationship of Parent Involvement in the Elementary School with Student Achievement on Standardized Assessments
2012 Krista Moe
(R. & P. Remer)
Factors Influencing Women's Psychological Well-Being Within a Positive Functioning Framework
2012 Sarita Shukla
(F. Danner)
Ninth Graders' Academic Engagement in Mathematics: The Role of Parental Involvement and Student Motivation
2011 Donald Buckman
(T. Prout)
The Effects of Teachers' Reported Past Experiences as a Victim, Bully, or Bully-Victim on Teacher Perceptions and Reported Actions Regarding Bullying
2011 Jaime Guerrero
(K. Love & J. Reese)
An Examination of Risk and Protective Factors that Predict Substance Use Among Subgroups of Hispanic Adolescents
2011 Masami Matsuyuki
(P. & R. Remer)
An Examination of the process of Forgiveness and the Relationship Amond State Forgiveness, Self-Compassion, and Psychological Well-Being Experienced by Buddhists in the United States
2011 Larson B. Pierce
(S. Rostosky)
Factors Associated with Problem Drinking Among High School Age Adolescents
2011 Jamie (Roig) Satterly
(T. Prout)
Teacher Expectation of Children with Mental Illness in the Schools
2010 Yu-Chang Chen
(F. Danner)
Sources of Mathematics Self-efficacy and Predictors of Mathematics Achievement Among Seventh-and Eight-Grade Taiwanese Students
2010 Kelly Gauble
(R. Remer)
An Examination of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Substance Use Initiation in Appalachia
2010 Katharine Hahn
(P. Remer)
Considering the Power of Context: Racism, Sexism, and Belonging in the Vicarious Traumatization of Counselors
2010 Russell Hall
(S. Rostosky)
Risk and Resilience in Ostracized Passive Adolescents: Findings and Implications
2010 Stephanie Rachelle Hyberger
(R. Remer)
An Examination of Parental Closeness, Parental Monitoring, Relationship Quality, Dating Patterns, Alcohol Use, Marijuana Use, and Sexual Risk-Taking in Adolescence
2010 Seong-Jik Lee
(R. Remer)
Relationship Between Selected Predictors and Adjustment/Acculturation Stress Among East Asian International Students
2010 Karin Ann Lewis
(J. Jensen)
Developmental Dimensions of Personal Epistemology: Undergraduate Reflections on Academic Life
2010 Shambra L'annette Mulder
(L. Brown Wright)
Exploring the Relationships Between Teachers' Self-Efficacy and Teachers' Multicultural Self-Efficacy
2010 Gilbert Singletary
(L. Brown Wright)
Predicting Academic Achievement of NonTraditional College Students
2010 Melinda Christine Wallpe
(P. Remer)
First-Year Female College Student Adjustment: An Examination of Potential Risk and Protective Factors
2010 Jennifer Wright
(T. Prout)
Impact of Mental Retardation: The Relationship of Teacher Report of Symptoms, Adaptive Functioning, and School Outcomes for Adolescents with Mild Mental Retardation
2009 James Russell Couch
(P. & R. Remer)
Exploring Lesbian and Gay Experiences With Individuals, Systems, and Environments: Patterns of Response to Heterosexist Prejudice and Discrimination
2009 Rachel Kehrt Hammond
(T. Prout)
Understanding College Black Males' Perception of Marriage: Development and Validation of the Black Marriage Perception Survey
2009 William E. Harris, Jr.
(P. Remer & K. Bradley)
Bradley) Understanding College Black Males/ Perception of Marriage: Development and Vlidation of the Black Marriage Perception Survey
2009 Ali Michelle Kaplan
(P. Remer)
Risk and Protective Factors: An Integration of Cognitive Behavioral and Feminist Perspectives in Explaining Bulimic Symptoms in Female University Students
2009 Lin Pei-Yi
(P. & R. Remer)
The Recognition and Use of Culture in Counseling Female Taiwanese Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse-A Feminist Critique
2009 Ruby Jewel Stevens
(L. Brown Wright)
An Examination of the Association Between Middle School Students' Perceptions of Teacher Interactions, Home-School Dissonance, and School Attachment
2009 Karen Helene Strand
(L. Anderman & T. A. Smith)
L.Behavioral Effects of Consideration of Future Consequences and Time Perspective on Self-Regulation and Procrastination in Mastery and Performance-Oriented College Students
2009 Nathan Roth
(T. Prout)
School-Based Mental Health: An Examination of Individual Therapy with Rural Children and Adolescents in the School
2009 Yuh-Jin Tzou
(P. & R. Remer)
Towards The Construction and Initial Validation of the Asian Intimate Partner Abuse Scale
2008 Tara Kidwell Clark
(R. Remer)
Mediation of Parent Stress through Parent Attribution and Self-Efficacy: Implications for the Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
2008 Teri Ann Cox
(R. Remer)
The Impact of Personality Disorders on Cognitive Processing Therapy for Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
2008 Julie Marie Duhigg
(S. Rostosky)
Processes Leading Self-identified Heterosexuals to Develop into Sexual Minority Social Justice Allies: A Qualitative Exploration
2008 Ruth Riding-Malone
(P. Remer)
An Experiential Introduction to Multicultural Awareness
2008 Elizabeth Miller Harrison
(E. Anderman)
Special Education Students' Perceptions of School Belonging and Subsequent Employment and Enrollment in Postsecondary Education
2008 Stephanie Kampfer-Bohach
(T. Prout)
The Effect of Video Self-Modeling on Teaching Relaxation Techniques in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders in School-Based Settings
2008 Ali Kaplan
(P. Remer 7 C. Leukefeld)
Risk and Protective Factors: An Integration of Cognitive Behavioral and Feminist Perspectives in Explaining Bulimic Symptoms in Female University Students
2008 Malinda Martin Isaacs
(P. Remer)
Exploring a Multidimensional of Victimization and Eating Disturbances for College Women
2008 Laura Meredith Moore-Lamminen
(R. Remer)
Family Functioning and Social Support in Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Pei-Yi Lin
(P. & R. Remer)

The Recognition and Use of Culture in Counseling Female Taiwanese Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Feminist Critique
2008 Monica Muhomba
(R. Remer)
The Relationship Between HIV/AIDS-Related Stigma and the Process of Forgiveness With a Special Focus on the Family Context
2008 Randa Renee Remer
(L. Anderman)

Influence of Diversity Courses on Undergraduates' Ethnocultural Empathy, Openness to Diversity, and Awareness of Privilege and Oppression within a Mastery or Performance Classroom Contex

2008 Melissa B. Roseblum
(P. Remer)
Holocaust Education as a Journey for Students to Social Justice?
2008 Jean Chern Tzou
(P. & R. Remer)
Towards the Construction and Initial Validation of the Asian Intimate Partner Abuse Scale
2008 Jennifer Ann Weber
(W. Stilwell
University Student Preferences for Therapist Variables Influenced by Student Demographics
2007 David Beach
(R. Crystal)
Predicting Program Completion and Rehabilitation Outcomes of Consumers of State-Operated Comprehensive Rehabilitation Centers
2007 Sonja Feist-Price
(K. Chard)
Understanding the Life Experiences and Sexual Practices of Heterosexually Identified African American Men who have Sex with Women and Secretly Have Sex with Men
2007 Lynda L. Ison
(T. Prout & L. Brown Wright)
Repressive Coping Style, Emotional Arousal, and Physiological Reactivity in Adolescents and Young Adults with Cystic Fibrosis
2007 Ralph Francis Johnson
(T. Prout)
An Exploration of Language, Memory and Attention/Executive Ability Differences In Early School-Aged Students at High-and Low-Risk for Literacy Delays
2007 Lillian Carla Mahan
(F. Danner)
The Role of Positive Psychology in Recovery of Youth With Behavioral Health Disorders
2007 Ellen Marmon
(F. Danner)
Transformative Learning in Local, Cross-Cultural Situations: Surprising Dilemmas, Reflections and Stories
2007 Gwendolyn M. Martin
(L. Brown Wright)
Effects of a Knowledge and Support Intervention on Aggressive Acts in Siblings of Individuals Diagnosed with Autism
2007 Katherine Matthews
(T. Prout)
Reading Achievement of Children with Learning Disabilities: Relation of Instructional Literacy Features in Early Elementary General Education Classrooms
2007 Theresa Marie Nowak
(T. Prout)
The Associaton Between Child and Educator Temperament with Preschool Adjustment of Children with Special Needs
2007 Cynthia Ohler Ingle
(F. Danner)
Predictors of Critical Thinking Ability Among College Students
2007 Byrony Noel Rowe
(T. Prout)
Self-Reported Peer Victimization in Middle School Students with and without Mild Educational Disabilities
2007 James A. Smash
(W. Stilwell)
Factors Influencing the Willingness of Sexual Offenders to Participate in Treatment and to Change Behaviors
2007 Elizabeth Ann Towles-Reeves
(L. Anderman & Kleinert)
Alternate Assessments Based on Alternate Achievement Standards: Principals’ Perceptions
2007 Matthew David Turner
(T. Prout)
The Use of the MMPI-A Short Form for Identifying Students with Emotionality in the Schools
2007 Darlene Welsh
(L. Brown Wright)
Occupational Stress, Self-Efficacy, and Symptom Relationships Among Medical-Surgical Hospital Nurses
2006 Tirsit A. Brooks
(W. Stilwell)
Ethnic Identification Level and Mental Health in a Military Environment
2006 Scott A. Graves
(L. Brown Wright)
Parent Involvement at School Entry: Differences in Ethnicity Socioeconomic Status, Educational Level, and Specific Occupation Achievement
2006 Robert Trent Haines
(E. Anderman)
African American Adolescent Academic Performance and Delinquency Participation: The Contributions of Depression and Rational Decision-Making Within the Family Context
2006 Joseph E. Hansel
(W. Stilwell)
The Effects of Supervisee Humor Style on Supervision Process and Outcome
2006 Phillip Massataka Howell
(K. Chard)
Once More into the Breach: Effective Leadership, Coping Skills, and Self-Efficacy as Mediators between Traumatic Experiences and the Development of PTSD in Firefighters
2006 Sawson Jreisat
(T. Prout)
Middle School Teachers' Acceptability of Self-Managed and Teacher Managed Interventions: Effects of Problem Severity and Teacher Background Variables
2006 George Moorman
(L. Brown Wright)
Can You Hear Me? Coping Strategies of Adolescent Black Males in Response to Racism-Related Stress in School
2006 Christian Mueller
(F. Danner)
Practical Intelligence in the Superintendency. Employing Rasal Modeling to Create and Validate the Tacit Knowledge Inventory for School Superintendents (TSIS)
2006 Melissa A. Taylor
(P. Remer)
Development of a New Sexual Aggression Measure
2006 Kimberly Kay Walters-Parker
(L. Anderman)
The Effects of Two Reading Interventions on the Reading Motivation and Reading Achievement of Low-Performing High School Readers
2005 Troy B. Bitson
(E. Anderman)
2005 Janice Lynn Bowers
(T. Smith)
Citizen Education and its Effects on Trust in Municipal Government, Political Participation, and Perceived Knowledge of Municipal Government
2005 Yaphet U. Bryant
(L. Brown Wright & K. Chard)

An Examination of Exposure to Rap Misic Videos: Psychosocial Factors Related to Adversarial Attitudes Toward Male-Female Among African American Adolescents

2005 Matthew T. Dwyer
(R. Remer)
Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Resolution Styles as Predictors of Marital Satisfaction in the First Year of Marriage
2005 Lee Ann Smith Ford
(DeMers & T. Prout)
The Under-Representation of Females Receiving Special Services for Emotional and Behavior Disorders: A Case of Gender Bias?
2005 Tierra Mischella Freeman
(L. Anderman & L. Smith)
Sense of Belonging in Higher Education: Relations to Instructor Practices, Motivation and Achievement
2005 Sandy L. Hunter
(F. Danner)
The Role of Gender, Race, and Self-Efficacy in Career Choices for Primarily Male-Oriented, Primarily Female-Oriented, and Minority Under-Represented Professions
2005 Bethe Korfage
(S. Rostosky)
Predictors of Therapists' Self-Efficacy Belifs for Providing Affirmative Counseling to Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Clients: An Empirical Investigation
2005 Valerie Leake
(R. Remer)
Steps Between, Steps Within: Adolescents and Stepfamily Belonging
2005 Sherman A. Lee
(L. Anderman & K. Chard)
Towards the Development of Validation of the Sympathy Scale
2005 Borchyi Lin
A Hypermedia Simulation that Teaches Defensive Driving Skills
2005 Milt Lowder
(K. Chard)
The Impact of Psychological Distress on Career Decision-Making: Examining the Relationship Between the Strong Interest Inventory and Psychological Distress
2005 Leslie Phillips
(L. Brown Wright)
Examing Flow State Occurrence and Motivational Perspectives of Ashtanga Yoga Practitioners
2005 M. Leisa Maxwell Pickering
(T. Prout)
Predictor Variables of Successful Outcome in College Students with Learning Disabilities
2005 Bonita E. Quarles
(T. Smith)
Educational Methods Increasing Self-Efficacy for the Management of Foot Care in Adults with Diabetes and Implementation of Foot Care Behaviors
2005 Kurt Metz
(T. Prout)
Factors Contributing to the Locus of Control and Self-Concept in Adolescents who are Hearingi-Impaired and Their Relationships to Young Adult Outcomes
2005 Chrystal E. Schroeder
(P. Remer)
Perceived Social Support as a Mediator of Caregiver Strain in Caregivers of Children with Touretts Disorder
2005 Denia Michon Thomas
(L. Brown Wright)
Examining the Academic and Motivational Outcomes of Students Participating in the Read 180 Program
2005 Kimberly Walters-Parker
(E. Anderman)
The Effects of Two Reading Interventions on the Reading Motivation and Reading Achievement of Low-Performing High School Readers
2004 Chammie C. Austin
(R. Remer)
Relation of Racial Identity, Worldview, and Academic Self-Concept on Imposter Feelings of African-American Graduate Students Attending Predominately White Institutions and Historically Black Colleges
2004 Courtney Clay
(K. Chard)
Predictors of Condum Use: Examining the Impact of Traditional Male Role Attitudes Among Incarcerated Male Youth
2004 Margaret L. Comer-Wright
(P. Remer)
A Feminist Empowerment View of Role Strain in Women Faculty: The Impact of Role Conflict, Workplace Gender Bias, and Selected Coping Variables
2004 Nicole Mann Highland
(T. Prout)
Characteristics and Predictors of Inhalant Use in Adolescence
2004 Gay Lin Holcomb
(F. Danner)
Faithful Change: Exploring the Faith Development of Students Who Attend Christian Liberal Arts Institutions
2004 MacKenzie Riney Leachman
(T. Prout)
Where is the Threat? An Ecological Approach for Tracking Reported School Violence and Disruptive Behavior
2004 Mary Beth Morgan
(P. Remer & K. Chard)
Sports Participation in the Lives of Adolescent Females: Who is Playing and What is the Relationship with Body Mass Index, Weight Concerns, Self-esteem, and Depression?
2004 Kimberly C. Newsom
(P. Remer)
The Relationship Between Ethnic Identity Development and Self-Concerp of African-American Preadolescent Youth
2004 Mary Maud O'Neill
(P. Remer)
Investigation of the Prevalence and Predictors of Posttraumatic Stress Symptomology in Parents of Children with Disabilities
2004 Gina P. Owens
(K. Chard)
Factors Affecting Job Satisfaciton Among Clincal and Counseling Psychology Faculty
2004 Phillip Lemaster
(E. Anderman)
The Change in Religiosity over Time and the Relationship of Religiosity to Academic Achievement in a Secondary School Population
2004 Sunwoo Kang
(W. Stilwell)
College Students' Lifestyles in Korea and in the U.S.
2003 Kathryn Leigh Baldwin
(T. Prout)
Impact of the Kentucky Education Reform Act on Roles and Functions of School Psychologists
2003 Robyn L. Branca
(P. Remer)
The Effect of Expert Witness Testimony about Rape Trauma Reactions on Juror Decision Making
2003 Russel C. Hancock
(W. Stilwell)
Ethnicity in Verdicts and Sentencing: An African-American Juror Perspective
2003 Rebecca Kayo
(K. Chard)
The Effects of Unwanted Sexual Experiences on Motivation Among Substance Abusing Women in Addiction Treatment
2003 Lori P. Montross
(P. Remer)
Awareness of Privilege and Oppression Scale: Construction and Initial Validation
2003 Gladys E. Peoples
(E. Anderman)
Does Church Attendance and Participation Influence the Academic Achievement of African-American High School Students?
2003 Julie L. Pike
(W. Stilwell)
Characteristics of Mental Health Professionals and the Influence of Culture of Client on Determination of Child Sexual Abuse
2003 Kathy Sheppard-Jones
(T. Prout)
Quality of Life Dimensions for Adults with Developmental Disabilities
2003 James K. Tussey
(E. Anderman)
Predicting Communication Anxiety Through Motivational Variables
2002 Barbara Gorby Burcham
Impact of School-Based Problem-Solving Training on Middle School Students with Disruptive Behavior
2002 David Kimweli
(W. Stilwell)
Subjective Well-Being and Gender Role Development Among Appalachians
2002 Jackie B. Rogers
(R. Crystal)
Variation in Vocational Expert Testimony in Social Security Disability Hearings: The Impace of Expert Training and Experience
2002 Todd Andrew Savage
(T. Prout & K. Chard)
An Investigation of School Psychologists' Attitudes Toward Lesbians and Gay Males and Other Issues Related to Sexual Orientation and the Schools
2002 Ronald L. Skidmore
(F. Danner)
Why Can't I Seem to Get Anything Done?  Procrastination and Daily Hassles as Predictors of Student Performance in a College Self-Paced Introductory Psychology Course: The Relation to Motivational Orientation and Learning Strategies
2002 Jeffrey J. Westerman
(DeMers & DeShea)
Mentoring and Cross-Age Mentoring: Improving Academic Achievement Through a Unique Partnership
2001 Andrea Gale Blout
(K. Chard & P. Remer)
Psychologist's Attitudes Toward and Practices With Lesbians and Gay Men
2001 Theresa Botts
(L. Brown Wright & J. Worell)
The Effects of Psychosocial Factors on the Academic Performance of African American College Students Attending a Predominantly White Regional University
2001 Thomas F. Fisher
(R. Crystal)
Perception Differences Between Groups of Employees in Predicting the Factors that Influence a Return to Work After a Work Related Musculoskeletal Injury
2001 Dawn Johnson
(J. Worell)
Exploring Women's Resilience and Empowerment: Beyond Symptom Reduction
2001 David Layman
Predicting Spousal Caregiver Beliefs about Alzheimer's Disclosure to Affected Partners: to Tell or Not to Tell
2001 Danielle Oakley
(P. Remer & J. Worell)
The Relationships Between Mothers' Gender-Role Attitudes and Behavior and Their Adolescent Attitudes and Behaviors and Their Adolescent Daughters' Depression, Self-Esteem, and Coping
2001 Sheila P. Patros
Health Care Worker Compliance with Standard Precautions: A Study of Two Small Community Hospitals
2001 Jackie Rogers
(R. Crystal)
Variation in Vocational Expert Testimony in Social Security Disability Hearings: The Impact of Expert Training and Experience
2000 Kevin Antshel
(R. Remer)
Social competence of children with ADHD: The effects of social skills instruction
2000 Edward O. Marshall
(W. Stilwell)
The influence of marital satisfaction on the cognitive component of subjective well-being among the elderly
2000 Sandra Medley
(P. Remer)
The effects of self-persuasion on date rape prevention
2000 Timothy Sheahan
(W. Stilwell & K. Chard)
Predictive variables in the development of Axis II personality traits in childhood sexual abuse survivors
1999 Constance Adams
(T. Prout)
Older Siblings Implementing Language Interventions with Younger Siblings Who have Language Delays: Effects on Sibling Interactions during Semi-Structured
1999 Carole Denise Bunch
(P. Remer & L. Brown Wright)
Long-term Effects of Witnessing Domestic Violence in Childhood on African-American Adult Psychological Distress
1999 Dawn Cook
(T. Prout & K. Chard)
Gestalt Treatment of Adolescent Females with Depressive Symptoms: A Treatment Outcome Study
1999 Linda Crammer
(S. DeMers)
The Successful Transition of High School Students with Learning Disabilities into Adulthood: Direct Instruction in Self-Advocacy Skills
1999 Kimberly S. Gorman
(R. Remer)
Early Stages of Feminist Identity, Avoidant Coping, Anorexic Tendencies in Undergraduate Women
1999 Lawrence Edward Griesinger III
(W. Stilwell)
Parenting Styles and Family Environment Characteristics as Predictors of the Mother-Perceived Social Competence of Elementary School Chilren
1999 Brenda Morris Hughes
(P. Remer)
The Prediction of Suicidal Behaviors in Adults Who Were Sexually Abused as Children
1999 David Katz
The Emotional Memory Test: Neuropsychology of Emotional Memory and Aging
1999 Lynn Smith
(Cole & E. Anderman)
An Examination of Psychological and Contextual Cultural Factors Related to School Engagement and Achievement Among Black Adolescents
1999 Gwen Stewart
(J. Worell & Zimmerman)
Gender Roles And Safer Sex among College Women
1999 Katherine Lee Stone
(S. DeMers)
Sibling Relations of Children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
1999 Janice Wertz
(W. Stilwell)
Relation of Occupational Stress, Coping Resources, Personal Strain and Burnout in Psychology Interns
1998 Michael T. Ashworth II
(R. Remer)
The Impact of Therapist-Initiated Self-Depreciating Humor on Female Client's Perceptions of therapists
1998 Sherri P. Ballard
(S. DeMers)
The Role of Science Self-Efficacy, Science Career interest, Science Career Efficacy, And intentions to Enroll in Non-Required Science Courses in the Future Selection of Science-Related Careers for High School Students
1998 G. Kay Myers
(F. Danner)
Women Living for God: Faith Development of Six Feminists from the Christian Tradition
1998 Brenda Nash
(J. Worell)
Close Female Relationships: Implications for the Well-being, Parenting Self-Efficacy, and Decreased Personal Strain of Married, Employed Women with Young Children
1998 Wen-guei Yang
(F. Danner)
Children's Relational Schema: A Predictor of Peer Conflict in Middle Childhood
1997 Adrian Dale Buckles
Psychological Counseling in Community Colleges : Student, Faculty And Student Personnel Professionals Assessment of Need
1997 Janis Lynne Houston
Factors of Success for Adult Learners in An interactive Compressed Video Distance Learning Environment
1997 Claudia Barteldes Schindler
(S. DeMers & Ford)
School Professionals' Attributions of Blame And Related Attitudes Concerning Father-Daughter incest
1997 Patricia Wells Soto
The Relationship of Curriculum Program And Gender to Career Maturity among Older Adolescents
1997 Barbara Romano Teague
(S. DeMers)
A Comparison of Two Methods to Teach Ethical Decision Making
1997 Janet Todd
(J. Worell)
Resilience in Low-Income African-American Women
1996 James Concotelli
(F. Danner & Clark)
The influcence of Culture on Participation in Nutrition Programs: A Case Study of Rural Appalachian
1996  Walter Scott Gilliam
(De Mesquita)
Developmental Correlates and Predictors of Teacher-Rated Behavior Problems in Preschool Children from Low-Income Families: A Longitudinal Study
1996 Nan Zhang Hampton
(R. Crystal)
The Relationship of Learning Disabilities to the Sources of Self-efficacy, Efficacy Expectations, and Academic Achievement in High School Students
1996 Suzanne O. Johnson
Selected Risk Factors as Predictors of Behavior Change
1996 David Ray Reber
Rating Scale Response Formats : Does Number of Response Options Make A Difference?
1996 Ruth Robinson Staten
(F. Danner)
The Relationship Between Work And Personal Factors And Drug Use Among Registered Nurses
1995 Maria Albert
(F. Danner)
Impact of An Arts-integrated Social Studies Curriculum on Eighth Graders' Thinking Capacities
1995 Benjamin P. Bogia
Construction of An Instrument for Assessing the Presence Or Absence of Characteristics Associated With Self-Directed Learning in Clinical Education
1995 Alisa Baker Comgleton
(De Mesquita & S. DeMers)
The Effect of A Cognitive-Behavioral Group intervention on the Locus of Control, Attributional Style, And Depressive Symptoms of Middle School Students
1995 Chin-ting Chen
Differences Between Poor And Good Readers And Effects of Story-Structure Knowledge Training on Poor Readers
1995 Kelly Everard
(F. Danner)
The influence of Subjective Factors Associated With Activity on Older Adult Well-Being
1995 Ernesto Jose Ferrer Gil
Children's Performance on Conservation Tests as A Result of Age, Scoring Criteria, And Task Difficulty
1995 Nancy Johnson
Supervisory Problem-Solving Skills : A Comparison of Community College Students to Employed Expert And Novice Supervisors
1995 Susan Marie Jones
(J. Worell)
Attributions About Women Who Are Lonely, Effects of Loneliness, Gender, Attractiveness And Competence
1995 Mindy Sloan Kohler
A Model of Creativity Based on Excitation, inhibition, And Mobility of the Nervous System
1995 Linda H. Linville
Breast Cancer Patients' Clinical Trial Participation
1995 Jennifer Little
(Clark & F. Danner)
Work Values of Adolescents in A Rural Eastern Kentucky High School
1995 Heather Brooks Morse
(P. Remer)
Factors Affecting Reporting Behavior And Psychological Effects of Female Graduate Students Who Are Sexually Harassed
1995 Joellen Popma
(P. Remer)
The Impact of Psychologists' Knowledge, Attitudes, And Training on Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
1995 Stephen Robert Richey
(P. Remer)
Attitudes of Psychologists toward Adult Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse
1994 Gary T. Bennett
(R. Crystal)
An Exploration of Patterns of Drug Use And of the Effectiveness of A Substance Abuse Prevention Program According to Adolescents' Level of Academic Achievement
1994 Anne McCall Claypool
Elements of Reading Processing in Beginning Readers: A Constructive Approach
1994 John Elliott
(R. Remer)
Perceptions of Realism in High And Low Structure Simulated Families
1994 Steve C. Finger
(R. Remer)
Manner of Disclosure of Homosexuality And Short-Term Acceptance by Family Members: A Simulation Using Undergraduate Research Participants
1994 Bonnie Hall-Polis
(P. Remer)
Body Image Satisfaction And Self-Esteem in An Elderly Population
1994 Billie Jo Hatton
(J. Worell)
Personal Power in Lesbian Relationships
1994 Hu Yi Hines
Parents' Educational Expectations And Achievement Support Behavior And Children's Academic Achievement: A Cross-Cultural Study of American, Chinese American, And Chinese Families
1994 Judith Huffman Irvin
The Effects of Relaxation Response Training on the Frequency And intensity of Menopausal Hot Flash Symptoms
1994 Barbara K. Jefferson
(Liddle & Miller)
Loss of Control as A Stressor in Chemical Dependency
1994 Geraldo Lima
(W. Stilwell)
Factors Predicting Aids Risk Perception Among College Students
1994 Michael Lynch
Religious Motivation And Locus of Control to Hardiness And Psychological Well-Being Among Older Adults
1994 Carla J. McCowan
The interplay Between Racial Identity, African Self-Consciousness, And Career Decidedness for Female African American Students in University Environments
1994 Tamara Kidwell Roberts
(J. Worell)
Mothers' Causal Attributions for Child Behavior in A Nonclinical Preschool Sample
1994 Damon Robinson
(J. Worell)
Therapy With Women: Empirical Validation of A Clinical Expertise
1994 Quan Zhen Shi
(Alston & Wilson)
Effects of Self-Complexity and Other-Complexity on Depression and Hostility
1994 Beverly Ratliff Whitaker
(S. DeMers)
Differentiation of Self And Retention in Higher Education of Eastern Kentucky Appalachian Students
1993 Mary Bolin-Reece
(W. Stilwell)
Knowledge, Attitudes, Expectations And Usage of University Counseling Center Services: Do Urban And Rural Students Differ?
1993 Mary Ann Chamberlain
(F. Danner)
Philosophy for Children Program And the Development of Critical Thinking of Gifted Elementary Students
1993 Deborah Duncan Danner
Emotional And Social Behavior in Severely-Impaired Alzheimer's Subjects: A Presentation of Ten Case Studies
1993 Robert A. Ferguson
(R. Remer & Wilson)
Male Partners of Female Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse : An inquiry into the Concept of Secondary Victimization
1993 Mileva Gavrilidov
Identification of Popular, Rejected, And Neglected Greek Elementary Students and the Way they Are Viewed by Teachers, Peers, and Themselves
1993 Suzanne R. Guilliom
(DeMers & De Mesquita)
The Effects of Teachers' Orientation toward Autonomy Versus Control on the intrinsic Motivation of Children in Nongraded Primary School Programs
1993 Amy Hack
(W. Stilwell)
The Clergyman's Spouse: Predictors of Satisfaction in the Spousal Role
1993 Redonna Chandler Johnson
The influence of Age And Gender on the Elderly's Actual And Perceived Body Image
1993 Elizabeth Long
(J. Worell)
Recalled Childhood Sexual Abuse And Social Support, And Adult Women's Representational Models
1993 Marianne McClure
(R. Crystal)
Personality Characteristics And Perceptions of Family Environment for Adult Children of Alcoholic Parents And Adult Children of Nonalcoholic Parents
1993 Ann Young No
(R. Crystal)
Wisdom as Defined And Perceived by Counseling Psychologists
1993 Michael Allen Norris
Predicting Behavior Disorder And Hyperactivity in Elementary School Males From Academic, Behavioral And Social School Records
1993 Emmanuel Tetteh Okorley
Asymptotic Contraction of the Number of Factors in Exploratory Factor Analysis as N Approaches infinity
1992 Donna Adams
(W. Stilwell)
An Examination of Variables Contributing to the Attribution of incest Victim Blame
1992 Diane M. Banic
(J. Worell)
Commitment in Long-Term Marriages: A Test of the investment Model
1992 Gordon R. Betts
(R. Remer & Liddle)
The Impact of Paradoxical interventions on Perceptions of the therapist And Ratings of Treatment Acceptability
1992 Marian Judith Broadus
The influence of the Nature of the Event, Gender, And Gender Schemata on the Long-Term Effects of Traumatization
1992 Catherine A. Fiorello
The influence of Computers And the influence of Experts in Teachers' Decision Making Using Psychological Report Data
1992 Susan Greenwell
An Assessment of Differing Levels of Burnout Among Rehabilitation Psychologists
1992 Debra Baker Harman
(P. Remer)
Sex-Role Characteristics And their Relationship to Body Esteem And Disordered Eating : A Continuing Dilemma
1992 Primrose Mngadi
(F. Danner)
Attributional Beliefs And Metacognitive Strategies Use Among College Students
1992 Linda Salyer
(F. Danner)
Nursing Students Perceptions of their Learning Environment, Mood States And Self Efficacy Beliefs: Implications for Professional Practice
1991 Diane Lynn Barnett
Sexual Harassment in A University Setting: the influence of Respondent Victim And Perpetrator Characteristics
1991 Eugene Kelly
(S. DeMers)
An investigation of affective interventions : linking intervention to the temperamental style of at-risk middle school students
1991 Lou Ann Kruse
A Measurement of Classroom And Family Structure With Respect to Children At Risk for Identification for Psychological Referral
1991 Michael Allen Morris
Predicting Behavior Disorder And Hyperactivity in Elementary School Males From Academic, Behavioral And Social School Records
1991 Raymond Henry Witte
Neurodevelopmentally-Based intervention on School Readiness for Academic At-Risk Kindergartners
1990 Ronald Lee Barnett
(F. Danner)
Representations of Cancer : Characteristics And Relationships to Cancer Risk Perceptions
1990 Phyllis Biddle
(R. Remer)
Effects of Trauma And interview Method on Young Children's Memory Recall
1990 John Fulton
(R. Remer)
Relationship of Child Temperament And Parenting Stress to Marital Satisfaction
1990 Peggy Pack Hunter
(R. Crystal)
Individually Guided Motivation (IGM) And the Development of Pro-Vocational Behavior in Adults With Mental Retardation
1990 James J. O'Brien
Instructional Media And Errors And Participatory Behaviors in the Counting Performance of Young Children
1990 John Chapman Sears
Temperament Correlates in A Group of Male Substance Abusers in in-Patient Treatment
1990 Thomas Shurling
(W. Stilwell)
An Exploration of Anxiety And Coping Strategies in A Chronic Myofascial Pain Dysfunction Population
1990 Doris Stilwell
(F. Danner)
Evaluation of KET's Star Schools Pilot Course, Probability And Statistics: Access, Content, and Achievment
1990 Louise S. Warden
(F. Danner)
 Development of Pain Coping Strategies in Adolescents During Menstruation
1990 Charles Whetsell
(R. Crystal)
The Relationship of Beliefs About AIDS to Knowledge About AIDS in Three Groups of Female inmates (General Population, IV Drug-Using, And HIV+)
1990 Mary S. Whetsell
(P. Remer)
Relationship of Abuse Factors And Revictimization to the Long-Term Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse in Women
1990 Carrie Terrine Wilkinson
(J. Worell)
Relationship of Cultural Identity to the Psychological Well-Being of Black Women
1989 M. Marquerite Davenport
Donovan Scholars Program: Its Past, Present, and Future
1989 Margaret Davis
(W. Stilwell)
Psychological Aspects of Will Making And Estate Planning
1989 Gladys Jasne Jadue
The Effectiveness of Preschool Education in Children of Low-Income Status in Chile

John N. Kravic
(W. Stilwell)

(KIDS) Kravic Interview of Disciplinary Styles: A Standardized Method of interviewing Young Victims About their Abusive Parents
1989 Shirley J. Lange
(J. Worell)
Satisfaction and Commitment in Lesbian and Heterosexual Relationships: The Roles of Power, Nurturance and Trust
1989 Marisa A. Laviola
(R. Crystal)
Effects of Older Brother-Younger Sister incest on Later Adult Functioning in the Women involved
1989 Charlotte R. Melcher
Marital Commitment as Related to Marital Satisfaction, Religiosity, And Parental Divorce
1989 Michal Morford
Role of Temperament in Cognitive Style: A Test of Strelau's theory
1989 Alice Mountcastle Zollicoffer
Factors Affecting Long-Term Avoidant and Intrusive Responses and the Process of Resolution for Women Who Have Been Raped
1989 Jane Frances Brake
(R. Remer)
Evidence of Change in Denial as A Defense Mechanism Among Families of the Head injured
1989 Constance Ankron Christian
(J. Worell)
Gender Differences in Social Skill Predictors of Loneliness: A LISREL Approach
1988 Sally Marie Duffy
Narcolepsy And Daily Stress
1988 Yun Kyung Kim
Evaluation Study of Kentucky's Pilot Adult Education Program
1988 Daniel J. Luchtefeld
Critical Variables in the Link Between Stressors And Distress Among Psychiatric Nurses
1988 Timothy Phillippe
Counselor Affiliation And Counselor Effectiveness Ratings
1988 Victoria Witt
(J. Worell)
An Empirical investigation of the Conceptual Correlates of Premarital Abuse: An Exploration of A Four Factor Model of Abuse in Premarital Relationship
1987 James William Batts
(J. Barclay)
The Effects of Teacher Consultation: A Meta-Analysis of Controlled Studies
1987 Ann Chertkoff Buckholtz
(R. Remer)
Differential Effects of Constructive Confrontation Versus Negative Self-involving Counselor Responses
1987 Paula Hammer-Higgins
(W. Stilwell)
Situational, institutional, And Dispositional Predictors of Personal Strain in Reentry Women
1987 Sue Hodgson
(W. Stilwell)
The Graduate School Events Scale: A Validation Study
1987 Jutta Kausch
(P. Remer)
Mapping Personalities in Female Multiple Personality Personality Disorder Clients
1987 Chia-hsin Lin
(J. Barclay)
Chinese And American Perceptions of Rogers', Perls', And Ellis' Approaches to Psychotherapy
1987 Sandra Lybarger
The Effectiveness of Two Study Skills interventions for Students With Differing Personality Characteristics
1987 Arlene Rosenthal
(W. Stilwell)
1987 Stephen C. Skiles
Learning Time Variability in A Military Technical Course Taught by Mastery-Based Computer-Assisted instruction
1987 Diane Matthews Walker
Transition in Cognitive Development on A Disjunctive Reasoning Task
1986 Gregory L. Anderson
Relabeling, Reframing, And Accurate Empathy Counselor Statements: Relation to Perceived Counselor Effectiveness
1986 Carlos I. Canon
Comparison of Moral Development Level And Value Hierarchy Among Seven to Fifteen Year Old Boys From Three Social Classes in Bogota

Lee C. Harris

Nurses' Application of Continuing Education Knowledge And Skills
1986 Garland Niquette
(S. DeMers)
An Exploration of the Relationships Between Perceived Control, Value for Reading, Reading Anxiety And Reading Achievement in Fifth Grade Reader
1986 Peggy Davis Karlosky
Effectiveness of Self-Evaluation Training And Group Counseling in Enhancing Self-Efficacy And Reducing Anxiety
1986 Vivian Gayle Spears
(J. Worell)
Sex-Role Development of Preschool Age Children
1986 Johnnie E. Terrell
A Comparison Study of Death Attitudes in Seminarians and Medical Students
1986 James W. Thompson
The Effects of Family And individual Assessment on inpatient Treatment of Substance Abusers
1985 Kathy Blomquist
(F. Danner)
Effects of Physical Conditioning on information Processing Efficiency
1985 John R. Fontana
(J. Barclay)
Interpersonal Competency And the Community Adjustment to Mentally Ill offenders
1985 Teresa I. Newsome
(W. Stilwell)
The therapeutic Functions of Friendship for Elderly Women: An Examination of Quality, Quantity And Continuity
1985 Steve B. Smith
(W. Stilwell)
Stress Inoculation Training With Hypertensive City Firemen
1985 Dorothy A. Zuk
(F. Danner)
Effects of Microcomputers on Children's Attention to Reading Tasks
1984 Nikki Garret-Fulks
(J. Worell)
The Effects of Custody Arrangement, Parent Gender, And Respondent Gender on Social Perceptions of Divorced Parents
1984 Gerald L. Jeranek
(W. Stilwell)
The Relationship Among Five Proposed Characteristics of the Humanistic Personality: Humanism, Dogmatism, Locus of Control, Professional Orientation, And Bureaucratic Orientation
1984 Gladys Pramuk
(F. Danner)
Teaching Classroom Discussion Skills to High School Students
1983 Ann D. Chapman
Influence of interpersonal And Managerial Styles on Quality of Dental Care: A Comparison of Male And Female Dentists
1983 David William Cohen
(J. Barclay)
Children's Temperament Clusters, Self Attribution of Academic Success And Perceived Self Competence
1983 Elizabeth J. Doll
(J. Barclay)
Exploration of the Relationship Between inferencing Ability And School Achievement in Fourth And Sixth Grade Children
1983 Micky Erdell
Effects of Cognitive Restructuring And Relaxation Training Upon Text Anxious Students
1983 Douglas T. Fitzgerald
(W. Stilwell)
Affective And Medical Effects of A Video-Tape Preoperative intervention Given At Varying Times to Cancer Patients Requiring Colostomy Surgery
1983 Deborah Ellenberger Gohs
Exploration of Teacher Classroom Activities Relating to Classroom Environments: An Approach to Studying Teacher Effectiveness
1983 Lea C. Perritt
Job Satisfaction as a Function of Worker and Supervisor Characteristics
1983 Ilze A. Sillers
(W. Stilwell)
Perceptual, Cognitive and Affective Components of Male Adolescent Egocentric Thought in Juvenile offender And Non offender Populations
1983 John J. Watson
(R. Remer)
Interpersonal Confrontation and Expression of Anger
1982 Deborah A. Bridwell
Differential Effects of Two Career Decision-Making Treatments on College Freshmen
1982 Mary Lynn Faulk
Effect of Hospital Admission Procedures on Patients' Anxiety And Satisfaction
1982 Margaret W. Irby
Investigations of Teachers' Attributions And Affect for Successful And Unsuccessful interactions With Problem Students: Applications of Weiner's Attributional Model
1982 Charles D. O'Neill
Differential Effects of Two Career Decision-Making Treatments on College Freshmen
1982 E. A. Ross, Jr.
Auditory Processes in Emotion: Hemispheric Laterality Differences
1982 David Sarnoff
(Liddle & P. Remer)
The Effects of Guided Imagery on the Generation of Career Alternatives

Geraldine A. Shaw

 Imagery And Creativity in High IQ Children
1981 Jeffrey Edelson
(J. Worell)
Cognitive Treatment of Chronic Pain
1981 Peter Brain Schilling
A Study of the Relationship of Metaphoric Thinking, Analytic Thinking And Environmental Set With Creativity, Personality, And Fluency
1981 Ronald Byron Vellekoop
(J. Worell)
Self-Control in Delay of Gratification : the Effects of A Goal Contingency And Response Feedback on Delay Time And Active Work
1980 Perry E. Brown
(R. Remer)
Effectiveness of Humorous Confrontation in Facilitating Positive Self-Exploration by Clients in An Analogue Study of therapy
1980 Zelda L. Gilbert
(W. Stilwell)
Effects of Counselor Gender, Race, And Warmth And Observer Race And Gender on Measures of Counselor Preference And Observer Change
1980 Finley Helm
Covariation of Cognitive Preference With instructional Mode And Classroom Reward Structure
1980 Warren E. Lacefield
The Evaluation of Competence: theoretical And Empirical Perspectives
1980 Linda F. Little
(J. Barclay)
The Impact of Gestalt Group Psychotherapy on Parents' Perceptions of Children Identified as Problematic
1980 John William Roffey
(J. Barclay)
A Hermeneutic Critique of Counseling Psychology: Ricoeur and Rogers
1980 Ted Strickland
Modifying Delinquent Adolescent Affective Responses Related to Self-Perception and the Use of Drugs through a Temporary Group Experience
1979 Billy Ray Lewter
Toward Changing Self-Concept in the Classroom: the Effects of interpersonal Competence Skill Enhancement
1979 Andrew D. Maltz
(Liddle & Green)
Concrete And formal Discrimination" Cognitive Constructs for the Diagnosis of Autistic Children
1979 Anne-Russell L. Noffsinger
American And British Nurses' Attitudes toward Disabled Persons : the Role of Needs And Moral Reasoning
1979 Linda K. Petrilla
Teachers' Perceptions of Students they Nominate as High-Motivated And Low-Motivated
1979 Gary C. Stewart
(R. Remer)
Relationship of Suicide Attempt to Overcontrolled Hostility
1979 Liwen Wang
Teacher Affective Responses as Related to Student Affective Responses And Achivement in Junior High Students
1979 Carolyn M. Weeks
(J. Worell)
The Effects of Two Components of Self- instruction Monitions And Sequential Self-Guiding Statements on Children's Attention And Visual information Processing
1979 Robert Edward Wetter
(W. Stilwell)
The Convergence of Sex Role Measurement and the Wiggins' Interpersonal Behavior Circle
1978 P. Wayne Buffington
(W. Stilwell)
The Effects of Cognitive-Rational and Activity-Experiential Treatments of Self-Control in Children Through An Affective Education Program
1978 Paul Louis DeYoub
(Liddle & Wilkie)
Suggestion With And Without Hypnotic induction in the Treatment of Obesity And the Relation of Suggestibility to Outcome
1978 Mohamed Rifky Eassa
(Cole & Green)
A Study of the Development of Syntax And Piagetian Operational Thought in Arabic-English Bilinguals
1978 Ernest Paul Fowler
(J. Barclay)
Police Trooper Personnel Selection: the Validation of instruments Using Job Analysis-Based Criteria
1978 Sheng Yu Kuo
Cross Cultural Study of Ratings of Teaching Strategies in Chinese And American Classes
1978 Anne Franklyn Marlowe
Greek Membership : Its Impact Upon the Value Orientations And Moral Development of College Freshmen
1978 John Patrick McGregor
(R. Remer & Liddle)
Kinetic Family Drawing Test: A Validity Study
1978 Fred J. Petrilla Jr.
Grades Assigned by Teachers as Biased by Teacher Experience and Student Characteristics
1978 P. Elayne Simmons Riddle
(R. Remer & Liddle)
The Impact of Client Participation And Counselor's Suggestion on the Outcome of A Vocational Counseling Experience
1978 Glen H. Watson
(J. Worell)
The Role of Self-instruction on Resistance to Transgression in Children
1977 H. David Freely
Differential Effects of Carkhuff Model Communications Skills Training on Selected Sex-Role Types
1977 Michael E. Freville
The Effects of Guidance Activities on the Career Maturity of Secondary School Students
1977 Mary Greene
An Experimental investigation of the Effects of Thoughts on Emotions And Behvaviors
1977 Anna Lee Hicks
Psychological Sex Role as Related to Vocational Choice And Certain Personality Variables
1977 George Foster Keifer
An Evaluation of A Modified STEP Progam Utilizing the Stufflebeam CIPP Model
1977 David Joseph Mahoney
(R. Remer & Liddle)
Short Term Marital Decision-Making Training Using Video Taped interaction Testing
1977 Donna M. Mertens
Identifying Concrete And formal Level Functioning in Classroom Teachers
1977 Dennis B. Sprague
The Effectiveness of Respiration Biofeedback and Study Skills Training in Alleviating Test Anxiety in College Students
1976 Carol Frances Carson
(J. Worell)
The Effects of A Model's Reaction to Punishment on Resistance to Transgression
1976 Nancy Johnson Deyoub
Comparative Effectiveness of Assertive Training With And Without Dyad Assignments
1976 Christina Iglemo
(J. Worell)
The Effects of Peer Model's Age And Sharing Behavior on Boy's Cooperation in A Conflict Situation
1976 Benjamin Edwin Robuck
(J. Barclay)
A Study of Inmate Outcome in Kentucky
1976 Bruce J. Rose
A Cognitive and Communications System of Behavior Developed for the Purpose of Defining and Studying Expectancies
1976 Sara Frances Smith
(J. Worell)
The Construction and Validation of the Screening Test of Educational Prerequisite Skills
1976 Susan E. Sullivan
The Effects of Decision Making Groups and Individual Career Counseling on the Career Maturity of College Freshmen
1976 Alfred D. G. Arthurs
(J. Barclay)
The Effects of instruction in General Semantics on the Social Adjustment of Graduate Students And Senior Citizens
1975 Antonia G. Beltran
College Students' Educational-Personal Needs And Academic Achievement
1975 Alan Lewis Kaplan
Predicting General Or Specialty Dental Practice From Admissions Data
1975 Gretchen E. LaGodna
Mental Health Consultation With Community Nurses
1975 Sylvia Southard Odom
Characteristics of Academically Successful Underqualified Students
1975 Harry L. Steger
(J. Barclay)
Dimensions And Correlates of Children's Self-Concept
1975 Wu-Tien Wu
(J. Barclay)
Classroom Climates in Chinese and American Elementary Schools: A Cross-Cultural Study
1974 David Leonard
A Study of Sexual Knowledge, Sexual Attitudes, and Selected Personality Dimensions of Groups of Graduate Students in non-Medical Helping Professions
1974 Betty J. Murad
A Study of the Effects of A Teacher Education Program on Dimensions of Teacher Trainees' Professional Ideology, Attitudes And Value
1974 David L. Roebker
Personality, Values, Academic And Biographical Correlates Associated With Prediction of Location of Dental Practice
1974 Pearl B. Rutledge
Effects of Short-Term Multiple Treatment Group Counseling on Social interation Perceptions of Isolate-Rejectees in Fifth and Sixth Grades
1973 Bobby A. Irvins The Academic and Non-Academic Factors Relating to Survival of Black Students in a Predominately White University
1972 Alan N. Blitz
(J. Barclay)
An investigation of the Ways in Which Personality Characteristics Affect Performance on Computer-Assisted instruction and Programmed Text
1972  June S. Church
(J. Barclay)
Effects of individual And Group Cue-Reinforcement Counseling as intervention Techniques for Modifying Elementary Classroom Behaviors
1972 Susan Eirich-Cohen
Sexual Identification, Parent Identification, And Mate Selection: An Exploration of the Theory of Complementary Needs
1972 Wallace Kent Hicks
Variations in the Complexity of the Three Major Variables (Personological, Treatment And Dependent) in Aptitude-Treatment-Interaction
1972 Thomas J. Kehle
(J. Barclay)
Effects of the Student's Physical Attractiveness, Sex, Race, intelligence And Socioeconomic Status on Teachers' Expectations for the Student's Personality and Academic Performance
1972 George S. Tapp
(J. Barclay)
Convergent and Discriminant Ability of the Barclay Classroom Climate Inventory
1972 Macy A. Wyatt
A Study of the interaction Between Personality Traits, IQ, And Achievement in Negro And White Fourth Grade Children
1971 Robert F. McClure
The OPI, the ACT And the WAL: Prediction of University Student Problems
1971 Philip Weinstein
A Study of the Dental Student-Patient Relationship
1970 Peggy Leiterman
Attitudinal And Behavioral Changes in Self-Directed And Leader-Directed Personal Growth Groups