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Welcome to the Masters with Initial Certification Program


Welcome to the Masters with Initial Certification (MIC) program at the University of Kentucky!  We are glad that you are considering the teaching profession and are interested in the challenging, educational experience the MIC program offers. Participants in the MIC program have historically come from content specialties in English, Math, Social Studies, Science or Business and desire to progress through a master's program in education at a concentrated pace. The MIC Master's program is rigorous in that students learn the educational methodologies needed to become a middle or high school teacher with a Masters in Education in one year.  Applicants must submit recommendations and, dependant upon the applicant's background, one may need to complete undergraduate deficiencies to meet degree and certification requirements.

The Masters with Initial Certification Program brings in educators from within the College of Education faculty and supplements learning with experiences in local high schools.  Students will be placed in a practicum school for the fall semester and then in a different school in the spring for student teaching.

The MIC program is approved by the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.  Consult the Perspective Students section for admission requirements, or the Course listings to see what classes you would take in the MIC Program.  Contact the Director of Graduate Studies in Curriculum & Instruction or Rebecca Mueller for specific information regarding degree requirements.   


Andraya White reflects on her MIC experience (text