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  • Board of Directors -  National Reading Conference (2008-2011)
  • Board of Directors - International Reading Association (2008-2011)
  •  Presented at International Reading Association's 23rd World Congress, New Zealand (2010)
    "First Year Implementation Gains & Response to Intervention (RTI)"    
  • Presented at International Reading Association Annual Convention, Chicago (2010)  
    "Peer discussion of texts in on-line environments"
  • Co-author of the lead article in May 2010 issue of the Journal of Educational Psychology, 102 (2), 257-280 
    "The impact of a comprehensive strategy-based intervention on the comprehension and strategy use of struggling adolescent readers." 
  • Co-authored a chapter in the Handbook of Reading Disability Research, August 2010
    "Interventions to enhance narrative comprehension" pp. 329-344
    Almasi, J.F., Palmer, B.M., Madden, A., Hart, S. 


  • Book:  Instructional Technology Past, Present, and Future, 3rd Edition, 2011



  • Presented at AACTE - American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, Atlanta (2010)
    "Using technology to enhance globally focused teaching and field experiences"



  •  The Critical Role of Black religious Institutions in Educating African-American Youth.
    Martin Dowson and Stuart devenish (Eds.), Religion and Spirituality (pp 195-214)
    Charlotte, NC:  Information Age Publishing, Inc.
  • Grant -  from Kentucky  Dept of Education to upgrade Business Education course in teacher education programs. $2,000.00
  • Taskforce on Inclusiveness, 2010 






Central Ky Educational Cooperative's Content Leadership     Network,Higher Education Representative for English Language Arts.

  • Chief Consultant, KDE  Kentucky Curriculum and Assessment Reform Enterprise (KCARE), Model Curriculum Framework.
  • Language education and social justice in English education policy.   In s.
    Miller & D. Kirkland (Eds.).  Change matters:  Critical essays on moving social justice research
     from theory to policy, 189-196.  New York:  Peter Lang. 
  • Burns, L.D. (2011).Language education and social justice in English education policy.  In s.j. Miller and D.E. Kirkland (Eds.), Change Matters:  Critical essays on moving social justice research from theory to policy, (pp.189-196).  New York:  Peter Lang. Nominated, National Council of Teachers of English, Outstanding Research in English Education,  Richard Meade Award.   
  • Book:  Hall, Leigh A., Burns, Leslie D., Edwards, Elizabeth
    Empowering Struggling Readers, Practices for the Middle Grades, 2011


  •  Kentucky Colonel honor for working to improve adolescent literacy in the commonwealth (2010) 
  •  Presented at National Reading Conference, Fort Worth (2010)
    "Variations in the strategic processing of expository text by proficient and struggling sixth graders over time"
  • Presentation at the Striving Readers Spring Conference, "Kentucky Striving Readers: Insights from Years 1-3, 2010 
  • co-authored the lead article in the May edition of the Journal of Educational Psychology
    "The Impact of a strategy-based reading intervention on the comprehension and strategy use of struggling adolescent readers" 2010



  •    Lincoln Heritage Reading Council, President Elect (2010)
  •    Kentucky Reading Association, Board of Directors (2010)
  •    National Council of Teachers of English, National Consulting Network (2010)
  •   University of Kentucky, Wethington Award (2010) 
  •   Presented at Learning International Networks Consortium, MIT, Cambridge (2010)
     "Inquiry strategies for the information society in the 21st centrury (ISIS-21)"
  •   Presented at AERA, Denver (2010)
     "Designing a 21st century literacy skills curriculum for Plug GED In."
  •   Presented at IRA, Chicago (2010)
     "Travel Buddies Project connects 1st and 2nd graders"
  •  Presented at Ky Adult Education Program Directors Institute, Louisville (2010)
    "Career readiness in a flat world:  Building skills for the 21 century"
  •  Presented at the National Science Teachers Association, Philadelphia (2010)
    "Increasing 21st century science and literacy skills" 
  •  Presented at American Association of Colleges for Techer Education, Atlanta (2010)
    "Using technology to enhance clinical experiences and promote globally focused teaching"  


  • Hruby, G. G., & Goswami, U. (2013). Educational neuroscience for reading education researchers. In D. Alvermann, N. Unrau and R. Ruddell (Eds.), Theoretical Models and Processes of Reading (6th ed.)(pp. 558-588). Newark, DE: International Reading Association.
  • Hruby, G. G. (2013). Neuroscience metaphors for teaching and curriculum. In L. H.  Wasserman and D. Zambo (Eds.), Early childhood and neuroscience: Links to development and learning. New York: Springer.
  • Hruby, G. G. (2012). Three requirements for justifying an educational neuroscience (annual review). British Journal of Educational Psychology, 82, 1-23
  • .Hruby, G. G. (2012). The Race to the Top program: Should America be the global leader in math, science, engineering, and technology education? [The counterpoint position]. In A. J. Eakle (Ed.), Curriculum and Instruction: Debating Issues in American Education: A SAGE Reference Set (pp. 90-99). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
  • Hruby, G. G., & Roegiers, A. (2012). Cognitive constructivism. In C. A. Chappell (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics. Oxford, UK: Wiley-Blackwell.
  • Hruby, G. G., & Goswami, U. (2011). Neuroscience on reading: A review for reading education researchers. Reading Research Quarterly, 46 (2), 156-172.
  • Hruby, G. G., Read, S., & Landon-Hays, M. (2011). Balancing the tensions in effective English language arts instruction. In D. Lapp and D. Fisher (Eds.), Handbook of research in the teaching of the English language arts (pp. 211-217). New York: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group.



  • Presented at the  Organizatin of American Historians, Washington, 2010
    "What Educational Research Says about Teaching Women's History"
  • Presented at American Educational Research Association, Denver (2010)
    "Discussant:  Teaching History with  Film"
    History Instruction Using Sociocultural Tools: Teaching History for the Common Good
  •  (in press)   Learning History.  In P.  Alexander & R. Mayer (EDs.) 
    Handbook of Research on Learning and Instruction. Routledge
  • (in press) L.S. & Barton, K.C.  Doing History:  Investigating with Children in Elementary and Middle School
    Fourth edition.  Routledge
  • (in press)  Henderson, A. G. & Levstik, L. S.  What's caught; What's taught:  Children interpreting material culture



  • Dollar General Foundation Literacy Grant, UK family literacy program, UK Literacy Clinic, 2010


JOAN MAZUR & GERRY SWAN,0,713101.story


NANCY McCRARY            

        Research Fellowship (awarded), University of Kentucky, Summer 2010

  • Presentation at World Conference on Educational Sciences, Bahcesehir University, Istanbul, Turkey
    "Invisible differences:  A pedagogical approach to personalizing diversity for pre-service teachers" 2010
  • Presentation at George Williams College, Williams Bay, WI
    "The impact of hidden curriculum on the development of a high school Gay/Straight Alliance" 2010
  • Presentation at US Social forum:  Another World is Possible. Another US is Necessary. A New Detroit is Underway, Detroit, MI
    "Exploring the social context of schools and how to transform the training of teachers to create a more liberatory education"   2010


  •   Dollar General Foundation, University of Ky Family Literacy Program, UK Literacy Clinic, Grant 

      Collaborative Center for Literacy Development, ESL and Adult Literacy Provision for Refugee Lex 2010

  • Award - Teacher Who Made A Difference, College of Education, University of Kentucky, 2010
  • Presentation National Reading Conference/Literacy Research Association in Fort Worth, Texas, 2010
    "Literacy and ESL Programs for Adult Refugees: How Prepared are Tutors and Instructors"
    "Adult Literacy Paradigms in Dialogue, symposium  
  • Research in the Teaching of English, Volume 45, Number 3, February 2011.
    Television, Language, and Literacy Practices in Sudanese Refugee Families: "I Learned how to Spell English on Channel 18"



  •  University of Kentucky, Kentucky:  An American Story, Summer grant  2010
  • The Calvin K. Kazanjian Economic Foundation, Inc. Econocast:  The Production, consumption and distribution of economic podcasts for the K-12 classroom. Summer 2010
  • Library of Congress, Midwest Center for Teaching Primary Sources:  Digital Docs in a Box, summer 2010



  • P-20 Civic Engagement Lab. University of Kentucky, College of Education, 2010
    one year planning lab to design and pilot an innovative curriculum integrating civic edu, critical iiteracy, and new literacies.
  • Florida State University Writing Project, National Writing Project supporting PD for teachers K-16 to improve student writing skills, 2010
  • National Writing Project, National evaluation of writing professinal development, four-year study examines the impact of teacher participation in the FSU Writing Project on 8th grade student writers, 2010 
  • Book - Literacy instruction for today's classroom:  Implementing strategies based on 20 scholars and their ideas, 2010
  • Presentation - Indiana University Southeast Writing Project
  • Writing toward and away from home, New Albany,  2010



  • Editorship, Literacy Research and Instruction referred Publication of the Association of
    Literacy Educators and Researcfhers, 2010