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There are two admissions windows. The early admission deadline is November 1. Undergraduate applicants eligible for the 6+6 program or applicants hoping to take elective courses in the Spring term preceding the typical start of the MIC program should apply by this date (November 1). The general admission deadline is February 14. Please check with Rebecca Mueller or your program chair to determine which admissions window is best suited for you. The program is competitive so it is important to keep your GPA up and score well on your GRE!  If you have questions or problems when applying for the MIC program, please contact your content area advisor.

Graduate School Admission

You must be admitted by the UK Graduate School (GS) before the College of Education can formally admit you to the MIC Program.  These are two separate admissions processes.  Please consult with the Graduate School Office of Admissions regarding your status with them.  If necessary, update/correct your application using the following codes for the MIC program:
•    Program: Curriculum and Instruction
•    Program: Secondary Education

Please make sure you have applied to the Graduate School for admission in the appropriate semester, as follows:
•    If you seek to begin courses in the 1st Summer session, you should ensure that your GS application is for the Summer 1 term.
•    If you seek to begin courses in the 2nd Summer Session, you should ensure that your GS application is for the Summer 2 term.
•    If you seek to begin courses in the Fall Session, you should ensure that your GS application is for the Fall term.

If you do not take courses during the semester for which you have applied, or if you do not qualify for admission to the semester for which you have applied, you are responsible for updating your Graduate School admission status to the semester in which you begin classes.  The Graduate School may assess a fee each time you request an application update.  If you need advising, please contact Betty McCann (bmccann@uky.edu) for an appointment.

If you were notified that you must re-take portions of the GRE in order to qualify for Graduate School admission, please re-take those exams as soon as possible so we can obtain your scores and complete your file.  Pending completion of GRE requirements (150 verbal, Quantitative 143, and 4.0 Analytic Writing) or PRAXIS 1 substitutes (R-176, M-174, W-174) and an undergraduate GPA of 2.75 admission, you will become eligible for the MIC, and we will admit you as soon as possible.

Any course taken for this program must have a "letter" grade.

Issues Related to "Post-Baccalaureate" Status:
If you applied to the UK GS as a "post-baccalaureate" student in order to complete pre-requisite courses during the summer terms, you will not be eligible for MIC admission until August.  It is your responsibility to monitor your admission status and communicate with Betty McCann (bmccann@uky.edu) for advising as needed.  When you have completed your pre-requisites, you must update your Graduate School status from "Post-Baccalaureate" to the MIC program.  See the codes listed above for making this update.

If you are a post-baccalaureate student and would like to discuss the possibility of completing MIC elective courses this summer, please contact Rebecca Mueller (Rebecca.Mueller@uky.edu) for an appointment.

Advice for Completing MIC Graduate Electives:
Students admitted to the MIC Secondary Education Program must complete nine (9) credit hours of graduate-level elective course work.  These electives may be completed in your content area or in Education. MIC students are encouraged to take EDC 533 (Teaching Adolescent Literacy Across the Disc.) as one of their electives. This course is offered in the Summer and Fall terms. MIC students planning to Student Teach Abroad must take EDC 554 (Student Teaching Abroad). This course is offered in the Fall term.

Students are strongly advised to complete all nine graduate elective credits during the summer PRIOR to the fall and the formal start of the MIC program.  However, students are not required to do so.  If you choose to take electives later in your program, you are advised to complete two elective courses during the summer prior and one elective course during the fall term.  If you choose, you may complete electives during the summer that follows student teaching.  In such cases, students will be advised that their degrees and certification will not be completed until August.  Late completion may affect your qualification for professional teaching jobs.  Students are strongly advised to avoid taking elective courses during the Spring term when they are student teaching full time.

If you have additional questions about MIC graduate electives, please contact Rebecca Mueller  (Rebecca.Mueller@uky.edu) for an appointment.