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Arvle and Ellen Turner Thacker Research Fund

Established in September, 2002 by Helen Thacker Hill
The Arvle and Ellen Thacker Turner Research Fund was established to provide mini-grants in support of the research efforts of doctoral graduate students and/or assistant professors in the College of Education. Grants are not to exceed $1,000 for doctoral students or $1,500 for assistant professors. The recipient(s) of the fund are selected by the Dean of the College of Education. The process for application and decision to award stipends lies within the sole discretion of the Dean of the College of Education.

William S. Taylor Memorial Fund

Established in 1949 by The University of Kentucky in honor of William Taylor, the College of Education’s first dean.
The William S. Taylor Memorial Fund was established by the University of Kentucky to serve as a memorial to the college’s first dean. It is designed as an emergency fund for worthy and needy students in the college of education to assist in covering costs of unexpected economic hardships. Recipient(s) will be determined by the Office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Advising and Student Success.
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