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As of September 1, 2014, standardized testing rules for TEP admission will be changing. 

PRAXIS Core and GRE will be the only acceptable standardized tests.  Required scores are as follows:

The Praxis® Core Academic Skills for Educators Tests: The following test scores are required: Reading Test (156), Mathematics (150), and Writing (162).


GRE taken prior to 8/01/11:                  GRE taken on/after 8/01/11

Quantitative—490                                     Quantitative—143

Verbal—450                                              Verbal—150

Analytical—4.0                                          Analytical—4.0

Rules that accompany the standardized testing requirements are as follows:

  • No standardized test scores older than five years can be used to meet this requirement.

  • GRE scores may be used only by students who hold a bachelor’s degree.

  • Students may retake subtests in multi-part tests.

  • Students seeking entrance to a graduate degree initial certification program must meet both the graduate school rules regarding the GRE, and College of Education rules for certificate program standardized testing.



UK College of Education Standardized Testing Rules for Admission to Teacher Education Programs.
October 2014

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